The migrant caravan from Central America continues their march to the US border despite threats from President Donald Trump with publications estimating between 5,000 and 7,000 people.

As they made their way over the Suchiate River, which connects Guatemala and Mexico, the head of the local government’s emergency services Gerardo Hernandez said, “You can’t even walk, there’s just so many people.”

From the BBC:

On Sunday, the migrant caravan reached the town of Tapachula, approximately 37km (23 miles) from Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala.

The Mexican authorities had earlier tried to stop them at a border bridge.

But some managed to cross into Mexico illegally by boat over the Suchiate river.

“We have sunburn. We have blisters. But we got here. Our strength is greater than Trump’s threats,” migrant Britany Hernández told AFP news agency.

Voice of America reported that “many have returned to Honduras after facing hardship along the way, or running into obstacles on the Mexican border.”

Migrants cited reasons like violence and poverty for leaving Honduras. Mexico has tried to deal with the large amount of people, but some grew impatient and have swam or used homemade rafts to get into Mexico to escape border authorities. The migrants over powered the riot police, who scurried back to the bus that brought them to the border.

Mexico has encouraged the migrants to apply for asylum and over 1,000 of the people have done this, but it takes 45 days to complete.

From USA Today:

The Mexican government has warned caravan participants “of grave risks” they could face from human trafficking networks if they illegally enter Mexico. U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Sunday the United States was closely monitoring the caravan’s advance.

“We must remain mindful of the transnational criminal organizations and other criminals that prey on the vulnerabilities of those undertaking the irregular migration journey,” she said in a statement.

Nielsen said the United States was working with “our partners in the region” to investigate and prosecute anyone making a profit from the migration.

Since Mexico hasn’t been able to do much to stop the caravan, Trump described the caravan as a national emergency this morning. He’s also sticking to his guns and cutting off aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

He also blamed the Democrats for the caravan:

He has a point. The Democrats had the majority from 2008-2010 and yet did nothing to change our immigration laws.


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