Back in April, we covered the thousands of “migrants” who composed a caravan with the intent of gaining access (including illegal access) to the United States.  Now, yet another caravan of illegal aliens is careening toward our Southern border.

The illegal aliens broke through the border fence and surged into Mexico, overwhelming the on-looking Mexican border control officials.

The Daily Caller reports:

Hundreds of migrants traveling in a caravan broke open a border fence and poured into Mexico on Friday afternoon, just hours after the Mexican government said it would begin granting humanitarian visas to those who qualify for asylum.

The migrants are part of a group of more than 3,000 people who have been traveling north through Honduras and Guatemala since last week, with the aim of passing through Mexico to get to the U.S.

Video footage posted by Telemundo News shows hundreds of the migrants massed behind a chain-link fence at the Mexico-Guatemala border. Some of the men scale the fence while others violently shake it, causing the barrier to break apart.

As the gap in the fence widens, the migrants — mostly young, single men — rush into Mexican territory while overwhelmed border officials stand aside.


So hordes of illegal aliens who are rushing to cross our border think our president is the anti-Christ? Why on earth would anyone attempt to force their way into a country one believes is ruled by the anti-Christ? Doesn’t this undermine the argument that they love our country and are chasing the American Dream, a better future?

Since Friday’s reports, the caravan has swelled to over 5,000.

CBS News reports:

Despite Mexican efforts to stop them at the border, about 2,000 Central American migrants swam or rafted across a river separating that country from Guatemala, re-formed their mass caravan in Mexico and vowed to resume their journey toward the United States.

Their numbers swelled to about 5,000 overnight and at first light they set out walking toward the Mexican town of Tapachula, 10 abreast in a line stretching approximately a mile.

It was not immediately clear where the additional travelers had materialized from since about 2,000 gathered on the Mexican side Saturday night. They seemed likely to be people who had been waiting on the bridge over the Suchiate River or in the Guatemalan town of Tecun Uman and who decided to cross during the night.

According to Fox News, the exact number of illegal aliens in this caravan is likely much higher, up to 10,000.

The caravan, numbering anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000, is composed of young, unemployed men, women with children, some families and unaccompanied juveniles. Most are from Honduras.

.  . . .  Mexican officials say some 5,100 to 7,200 migrants registered to stay in the shelters of Cuidad Hidalgo, with another 2,000 chose to camp in the town square. Earlier in the day, the Mexican government estimated 2,000 remained in Guatemala.

Mexico says some 640 asylum claims have been processed since Friday. Many other immigrants waded across the Suchiate guided by a tow rope or took one of dozens of rafts that ply these waters daily. Mexico said “900” arrived in such “unauthorized means.”

From the images available, the caravan seems to be composed of mostly young males, with the few women and children placed at the front.

According to the following report from Fox News, the women and children have been strategically placed in front to act as “shields” and to “intimidate” Mexican border patrol officials.


For his part, President Trump urged Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador to stop the caravan before it reaches our southern border and says that he will use the military to secure the border if the caravan makes it that far.

Trump has made it clear that his position on our borders is drastically different than that of open borders Democrats and is referring to the November midterms as about Kavanaugh and the caravan: ““This will be an election of Kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order and common sense.”


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