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Liberal Media United: Trump to blame for violence

Liberal Media United: Trump to blame for violence

Trump blamed even for shooting by anti-Trump anti-Semite

We definitely live in interesting times. Not too long ago, HuffPo was churning out articles defending violence as a “logical response to Trump” and publishing op-eds about how Trump supporters “deserve to die more than I do” and insisting that Trump and all of his enablers should be executed for treason (the latter post even HuffPo recognized as over-the-line and pulled).

And it wasn’t just HuffPo promoting violence against Trump and his supporters or rationalizing the violence of antifa fascists and other leftists against the GOP and Trump supporters.  In fact, as we’ve covered here at LI, a number of Congressional Democrats have embraced “getting in the faces of” and actively stalking and harassing the GOP . . . and this was all well after the attempted assassination of a number of GOP Congressional members at a charity baseball practice.  That shooting, of course, was carried out by an anti-Trump Democrat.  But hey, that was understandable because Trump.

And as we saw in the days following the Gabby Gifford shooting when the media piled on Sarah Palin while completely ignoring violence and violent rhetoric/imagery in their own camp, we are now seeing the media attempt to blame political violence on Trump while turning a blind eye to leftist violence.

Here’s a sampling of some headlines from the past few days:

From GQ: There Aren’t Two Sides: Trump’s Violent Rhetoric Is What Got Us Here
From the San Fransisco Gate: Trump Allies Reject Link of Rhetoric to Increased Violence
From the New York Daily News: The tide of hate and the man in the White House
From the Atlantic: Trump’s Caravan Hysteria Led to This
From the New York Daily News: Yelling fire in a heavily armed theater: That’s what Donald Trump has been doing for three years now

And it’s not just in print that the leftstream media is piling on Trump.


It’s worth noting that Trump has repeatedly condemned political violence and has called the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre an act of “pure evil” and has repeatedly called for unity. #TheResistance and its right-leaning #NeverTrump pals, however, are not interested in unity.

Meanwhile, Trump “critics” and members of the media are relentlessly blaming Trump for violence.


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PBS is advertising to build bridges, not walls. Presumably in support of a progressive anti-nativism that forces collateral damage at both ends, along the trail, and a cover-up of the selective-child (“wicked solution”) humanitarian crises.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to n.n. | October 29, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    PBS and NPR just another part of the Democrat Party MOB and MSM MOB!

    Cut all their funding now!

It’s not surprising. Everything is PDT’s fault.
And the Dems and the MSM still wonder why everyone is turning away from them.

    thalesofmiletus in reply to HamiltonNJ. | October 28, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    Trump is the only thing standing between the people who hate the people who voted for Trump and the people who voted for Trump. The more they hate Trump, the stronger he gets because that is just energy they will someday try to unleash on the people that Trump stands for.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to thalesofmiletus. | October 29, 2018 at 5:02 pm

      Isn’t it amazing!

      The more the Leftist, Progressive (really regressive), Democrat Party MOB, MSM MOB loses, the more money they throw away on Internet Trolling….


      Go broke soon Globablists.

    “Everyone” in that context means the same as in the Pauline Kael context. It’s also obviously not “everyone” since if it were, Trump & this site wouldn’t obsess about the MSM’s popularity so much.

    Trump has demagogued the caravan just as the similarly-pro-amnesty GWB demagogued border issues. GWB and Trump are both “tough” on the border, to cover how weak they are on amnesty.

    If Trump were sincere, he could greatly harm Pelosi etc by talking to the Dem base directly & illustrating for them how mass/illegal immigration harms workers. Do you see Trump doing that? Of course not: if he did that he’d hurt his pals Pelosi & Schumer and his Big Biz pals.

    P.S. I fully expect Trump fans to smear me, even though I’ve written 1000s of anti-amnesty posts at my site & Malkin’s old immigration blog. Trump fans are only patriotic to Trump, not the USA.


        Edward in reply to Obie1. | October 29, 2018 at 8:07 am

        Did you intend to reply to 24Ahead and failed to use that “reply” button, or did you intend to claim HamiltonNJ posted Bullshit?

        Please list cases of Trump fans being patriotic to the USA, not just to Trump. E.g., when Trump does something un-American, surely *some* Trump fans must have spoken out against it somewhere. Please list some of those cases.

        P.S. Once again, I’ve seen this all before. GWB fans treated him like a demigod, then Obama fans treated him like a demigod, now Trump fans treat him like a demigod. I’ve opposed all of those. Conservatives… well, not so much.

          I love when people use the term “unAmerican”. It is pretty vague, isn’t it?

          However, as to disagreeing with DJT, I disagree with some of his actions. His repeated launching of missile strikes against Syria, as well as his physical invasion of that country by US troops, was nothing short of a violation of international law and an act of war with Syria, even though the results were mostly positive. However, almost all of the rest of his actions have been both legal and positive. If you understand what he is trying to do and agree with it, it is hard to find very many points of disagreement with the POTUS. Of course, if you do not understand his actions, or agree with his goals, then, you will never be a fan of The Man.

      Oh, look, LoneWhacko has discovered Legal Insurrection.

      Your problem is that you are totally mistaken on this subject.

      Trump prioritizes his agenda. In the case of immigration, his primary goal is to construct a border wall and strengthen US interdiction capability,at the border. The goal here is to significantly reduce the number of people illegally entering the country from Mexico. Dealing with the people already in this country is a separate issue. And, Trump is willing to deal, to some extent, on the issue of amnesty for those already here, in order to get the wall built.

      Does Trump demagogue the approaching caravans? Not really. The caravans are a highly visible examples of why Trump wants an effective physical barrier along the southern border. They represent physical invasion by a horde of people. And, in addition to being entirely composed of people who have criminally entered a foreign nation and/or are conspiring to illegally enter the US, it contains violent criminals and persons of unknown intent. All Trump has done is point this out. The caravans are a visible problem and Trumps points this out.

      What is interesting is how some people see prejudice everywhere. Fox News cancelled a Lou Dobbs show because Chris Farrell, the Director of Judicial Watch, stated that George Soros was indirectly funding the current caravan. This was deemed to be anti-Semitic simply because George Soros is, currently, a member of the Jewish faith. That the statement made NO mention of Soros religious affiliation and was accurate made NO difference. It is this current obsession with casting every criticism of anyone on the left or who represents part of a leftist agenda, and can be cast as a member of some minority, as being a sign of prejudice against that minority is insane. What is happening, and has happened to a horrifying degree, is that liberal/Progressive members of all minorities have been given Sacred Cow status. Any disagreement with them or criticism of them is viewed as active discrimination against every member of that minority.

      The problem, in this country, is NOT DJT or the vast majority of his supporters. It is the liberal/Progressive left, including most of the media.

        I’ve written 1000s of posts against mass/illegal immigration at my site, at Malkin’s old immigration blog, and elsewhere. So, I think I have a handle on how these immigration issues work out.

        Congress will neglect or tear down whatever of Trump “Wall” gets built as soon as Trump’s out of office. Congress is in the grip of power-mad Dems and donations-mad GOP. That will never change. Congress will always oppose the “Wall” as much as they do now. When Trump’s out of the picture, bye-bye “Wall”.

        Trump fans will say something like “we’ll stop them!” If 20% to 30% of the USA – the max who support the “Wall” – could stop Congress, then explain why they can’t get the “Wall” in the first place.

        The extremely maddening part about this is it’s actually easy to reduce mass/illegal immigration. Those who rely on a “Wall” that will never happen *help* the pro-amnesty side by obsessing over things that Will Not Happen.

          The current DC Establishment WILL always oppose both a border wall and effective immigration laws. That is one of the reason why DJT was elected. And, it will be up to the voters to change that.

          See, Trump was not elected because he is particularly likeable or because he an especially moral person. He was elected to send a message to politicians in this country. The message was simple; “we’re sick and tired of being sold down the river by our elected representatives and if the situation does not change we will vote out those who fail to get it”. The Establishment politicians failed to heed that warning. If it wasn’t for the Kavanaugh fiasco, the Dems would have swept into control of the House, easily, and possibly even control of the Senate, as disgruntled Trump voters stayed home. But, now Trump voters are faced with the same dilemma that conservative Republicans faced for years, voting for a liberal Republican or watch a far left liberal Democrat get the seat. So, instead of having a Dem walk-away, we have another horse race in the midterms.

          Now, about illegal immigration. For the last 30 years, voters have been overwhelmingly opposed to illegal immigration and unfettered immigration in general. Voters were not happy about Reagan’s immigration amnesty act, in 1986. But, they accepted it because it was sold as swapping amnesty for 3 million people for a firm promise that illegal immigration would be severely curtailed. This, of course did not happen. Neither political party did anything to reduce illegal immigration and, in fact, made it easier for illegal immigrants to remain in the US. So, now we have 20+ million illegal immigrants and climbing and STILL the Congress does nothing to alleviate the situation. On the other hand, DJT HAS attempted to increase enforcement of our immigration laws, both at the border and internally. He has been blocked, on several fronts, by liberal judges and by the total inaction of the Congress. But, he has tried to do something.

          However, simply because the elite leadership of this country does not want effective border security and interior enforcement does not mean that we should simply allow illegal immigration to continue. Most people are not in favor of enforcement authorities simply refusing to enforce laws. So, you can whine about the inertia of the deeply entrenched Establishment, of you can put reasonable pressure on Establishment politicians to follow the will of the people.

          Mac45: I only skimmed your novel, but you seem to agree with me. Let’s clarify that. When Trump’s out of office, will Congress work to tear down or at least neglect his “Wall”, yes or no?

          Please only answer that one question: “yes” or “no”. Then, feel free to write your next novel.

      tom_swift in reply to 24AheadDotCom. | October 29, 2018 at 12:44 pm

      Trump fans are only patriotic to Trump, not the USA.

      Ah yes, the favorite straw man of the TDS types. Trump is (to them) by definition some sort of hell-spawn. Therefore anyone who sees any virtue at all in the man or his works must be an irrational devil-worshiper.

      Not the sort of claim rational persons would make.


      Not only against Trump, it’s against the Tea party as well, labeling them as “vile”.

    goodspkr in reply to HamiltonNJ. | October 29, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    It reminds me of the old saying “heads I win, tail you lose.” Unfortunately for the Dems Trump supporters aren’t that stupid.

“Trump to blame for violence”

Of course. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

He’s the reason the Browns and the 49ers lost today. Why Lance Armstrong did drugs. Why blacks are always at the bottom of academic achievement. Why the out-of-wedlock births are now >40% of all births. You name it. If it’s bad, Trump’s the cause.

Follows composite footage of Big Media strategy meetings.

(edited for coherency)

Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump.
Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump.
Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump…

As the media blames Trump, I am reminded of something that happened 32+ years ago – the Challenger disaster. Most people don’t remember, but that launch was delayed for several days, in part because of cold weather. I remember the coverage – why can’t NASA get this thing off the ground, why do they delay, delay, delay. So what caused the disaster? Cold weather. Would NASA have launched if the media had not been bashing them daily for not launching?

Naturally, the media took no responsibility. And the question begs itself today. How much is irresponsible blaming, fake news, biased coverage contributing to violence today? One thing is certain – no one in the MSM is going to do any soul searching or even consider asking themselves those questions. They are never to blame for anything. Sort of like the Democrats.

    Barry in reply to topcat69. | October 29, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    “Naturally, the media took no responsibility.”

    While I take a backseat to no one in bashing the fake news media, in this case they had zero responsibility.

    NASA knew the O-Rings might be a problem in cold weather even though Morton Thiokol (the manufacturer of the solid boosters) told NASA they *thought* they would be fine. They weren’t. The engineers at NASA new they weren’t. The fault lies entirely with NASA. Space is unforgiving and dangerous. And NASA makes a mistake occasionally.

      Yes, NASA knew the O-rings might be a problem, yet they launched under marginal circumstances anyway. Do you seriously think that the media’s criticism over the previous days had no impact on their (poor) decision?

You have to remember this, because it is very, very important. Liberals, including the members of the media, as a class, care NOTHING about anyone other than themselves. Got it? Good. Because once you understand that, it puts everything into perspective.

Did they care when residents of Ferguson were looting and burning their own town, because a strong-arm robber attacked a police officer, not once but twice and was subsequently shot and killed? Did they care when the residents of Baltimore city were rioting, looting and burning that city, because some scam artist accidentally killed himself by bashing his own head against the interior of a paddy wagon? Did they care when Chicago gangbangers were killing 500 people a year with illegally possessed guns? Did they care when left wing nuts were marching in the streets after the 2016 elections causing damage and intimidating people? Did they care when left wing nuts were trashing college campuses to keep conservative speakers from speaking? Did they care when left wing loons were attacking people for no reason? Did they care when left wing nuts, including actors, entertainers and politicians, were threatening violence against the duly elected President of the United States? Did they care when they told outrageous lies about the President, his family, advisors and friends? Did they care when angry mobs were harassing people in public places? Did they care when opposition political candidates were being physically assaulted by, that’s right, left wing nuts? Did they ever show that they cared about ANYONE other than themselves?

These people will destroy the world, if they can not own and control it. They have gone out of their way to legitimize the use of violence to gain an advantage. And, somehow this is all the fault of DJT. These people are either despicable liars or they are are delusional. In either case they should be ignored.

Jonathan Haidt led a study. The key finding was that given various moral situations, conservatives were able to explain how a liberal would address it, but liberals were unable to do the same regarding conservatives. In other words, conservatives understand how liberals think but liberals do not understand how conservatives think. As a result, the only explanation that liberals have for conservatives positions is that we are racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic, and everything bad under the sun.

I wrote a blog post on the general topic and it includes links to some relevant articles. It really does explain how the Democrats and the media operate, given that they are all on the Left. If interested:

GOP are making ADs using the democrats hate & violence against themselves ,,, Perfect !!!

It’s the same old song. The MSM just replaced Bush with Trump. I remember when Reagan was in office the tune was not much different. The song title “The Republicans will Doom Us All”

Trump is despised by the left because he’s effective, and even more so because he’s popular. They simply can’t tolerate the rejection of their policies and candidates, and have gone quite mad.

The only thing they know to do is attack him, and they will never stop — he’ll be vilified as long as he lives, and beyond. It doesn’t matter what he does, even if they agree with him, they’ll attack him for it; and if they have nothing to use against him, they’ll manufacture something, however absurd, and keep hammering him. The left is deranged at the best of times, and now they are totally consumed with rage.

I’m hoping that Trump is able to accomplish 10% of what the left has accused him of. In my world, they are parasites and Trump is the doctor.