We definitely live in interesting times. Not too long ago, HuffPo was churning out articles defending violence as a “logical response to Trump” and publishing op-eds about how Trump supporters “deserve to die more than I do” and insisting that Trump and all of his enablers should be executed for treason (the latter post even HuffPo recognized as over-the-line and pulled).

And it wasn’t just HuffPo promoting violence against Trump and his supporters or rationalizing the violence of antifa fascists and other leftists against the GOP and Trump supporters.  In fact, as we’ve covered here at LI, a number of Congressional Democrats have embraced “getting in the faces of” and actively stalking and harassing the GOP . . . and this was all well after the attempted assassination of a number of GOP Congressional members at a charity baseball practice.  That shooting, of course, was carried out by an anti-Trump Democrat.  But hey, that was understandable because Trump.

And as we saw in the days following the Gabby Gifford shooting when the media piled on Sarah Palin while completely ignoring violence and violent rhetoric/imagery in their own camp, we are now seeing the media attempt to blame political violence on Trump while turning a blind eye to leftist violence.

Here’s a sampling of some headlines from the past few days:

From GQ: There Aren’t Two Sides: Trump’s Violent Rhetoric Is What Got Us Here
From the San Fransisco Gate: Trump Allies Reject Link of Rhetoric to Increased Violence
From the New York Daily News: The tide of hate and the man in the White House
From the Atlantic: Trump’s Caravan Hysteria Led to This
From the New York Daily News: Yelling fire in a heavily armed theater: That’s what Donald Trump has been doing for three years now

And it’s not just in print that the leftstream media is piling on Trump.


It’s worth noting that Trump has repeatedly condemned political violence and has called the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre an act of “pure evil” and has repeatedly called for unity. #TheResistance and its right-leaning #NeverTrump pals, however, are not interested in unity.

Meanwhile, Trump “critics” and members of the media are relentlessly blaming Trump for violence.