Hillary Clinton feels cheated.

The presidency should have been hers. The Russians did it. The deplorables did it. She is the victim deprived of her destiny.

Increasingly Hillary has been attacking Trump and putting herself front and center in #TheResistance to Kavanaugh. In early September, Hillary tweeted Kamala Harris’ Big Lie about Kavanaugh and birth control days after it was thoroughly debunked.

Hillary laughed at Kavanaugh’s suggestion during the Ford hearings that he was a victim of a Democrat smear campaign motivated, in part, by a desire to get even with him for his role in the Kenneth Starr investigation of Bill. But guess who is the organizer and coordinator of the anti-Kavanaugh campaign? Brian Fallon, Hillary’s former campaign spokesman, who runs the Soros-funded Demand Justice group organized last spring specifically to defeat Trump Supreme Court nominees.

And of course, it was Hillary’s campaign and the DNC who hired Christopher Steele to prepare the dossier that has fed Russia-collusion mania and was used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on former Trump campaign associate Carter Page. The Russia collusion campaign against Trump reportedly was devised by Clinton operatives just after the election, and it has been playing out for two years.

So Hillary and Clintonworld have been in the thick of things. They never went away.

Now Hillary is taking an obvious step to set up a presidential run to claim what she views as rightfully hers. It’s the equivalent of a “listening tour” of the nation.

Live Nation just announced that “An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is coming to a city near you!”


[Click on Image for Promo Video]


No cities have been announced so far. I wonder if she’ll visit Wisconsin this time.

Hillary is going to suck all the oxygen out of the Democratic primary field by staying in the spotlight.

Who is going to challenge her? Every major potential Democratic candidate already is on record that the election was stolen from Hillary.

There’s only one person who can beat Hillary in the Democratic primaries. And she starts her book tour just after the midterms.



You heard it here first.


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