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Hillary and Bill announce national tour

Hillary and Bill announce national tour

[psst … she’s running]

Hillary Clinton feels cheated.

The presidency should have been hers. The Russians did it. The deplorables did it. She is the victim deprived of her destiny.

Increasingly Hillary has been attacking Trump and putting herself front and center in #TheResistance to Kavanaugh. In early September, Hillary tweeted Kamala Harris’ Big Lie about Kavanaugh and birth control days after it was thoroughly debunked.

Hillary laughed at Kavanaugh’s suggestion during the Ford hearings that he was a victim of a Democrat smear campaign motivated, in part, by a desire to get even with him for his role in the Kenneth Starr investigation of Bill. But guess who is the organizer and coordinator of the anti-Kavanaugh campaign? Brian Fallon, Hillary’s former campaign spokesman, who runs the Soros-funded Demand Justice group organized last spring specifically to defeat Trump Supreme Court nominees.

And of course, it was Hillary’s campaign and the DNC who hired Christopher Steele to prepare the dossier that has fed Russia-collusion mania and was used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on former Trump campaign associate Carter Page. The Russia collusion campaign against Trump reportedly was devised by Clinton operatives just after the election, and it has been playing out for two years.

So Hillary and Clintonworld have been in the thick of things. They never went away.

Now Hillary is taking an obvious step to set up a presidential run to claim what she views as rightfully hers. It’s the equivalent of a “listening tour” of the nation.

Live Nation just announced that “An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is coming to a city near you!”

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No cities have been announced so far. I wonder if she’ll visit Wisconsin this time.

Hillary is going to suck all the oxygen out of the Democratic primary field by staying in the spotlight.

Who is going to challenge her? Every major potential Democratic candidate already is on record that the election was stolen from Hillary.

There’s only one person who can beat Hillary in the Democratic primaries. And she starts her book tour just after the midterms.


You heard it here first.


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I am speechless.

If Bill can still be President, instead of “former President”, then Hilary must be furious at not only getting second billing, but having to be referred to as “former Secretary of State”.

The dog catchers have new trucks so they should avoid Texas.

    94Corvette in reply to Firewatch. | October 8, 2018 at 11:07 pm

    They’re scheduled to appear in Sugarland TX on December 4th. Tickets go on sale this Friday for $69.50 to $699.00.

I for one welcome our wild eyed leftist overlords.

BJ was supposed to come to RI for ‘An Evening with Bill Clinton’ or something like that a few weeks ago but couldn’t sell enough tickets so, it was cancelled. Maybe Shrillary can help with sales. Must be tough being out of ‘work’ and all.

I’ve come to the realization she’s not going to go away until she’s put in the ground. Too bad.

    oldgoat36 in reply to RITaxpayer. | October 8, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    I certainly welcome that… her going away and being put in the ground. Though put in a jail cell for her crimes, along with the others who covered them up, would be much better.

    Arminius in reply to RITaxpayer. | October 9, 2018 at 3:00 pm

    What makes you think she won’t claw her way out of the grave even then? I would say we need to not only plant her but drive a stake through her heart.

    Except I have it on good authority she doesn’t have one.

Good. I welcome the idea of the Democratic primary being an utter sh*tstorm. The more they can harm themselves, the better off the country will be.

    pwaldoch in reply to Anonamom. | October 8, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    I agree! Let the left bloody themselves with Clinton again. Clinton vs the commies again will make that election even harder for the Dems. Bonus if PDT/Congress gets all the unclassified docs about Clinton and the Dossier/RussiaCrapshow out into the open by the time the primaries heat up. Saving some juicy bits for the general election time should it be needed is Hillary makes it past the primary somehow.

Vile crone Hillary craves power with all the subtlety of a wide-eyed, twitchy, and desperate narcotics fiend searching for his next fix.

The Queen will NOT be ignored, as she battles the ignorant peasants who denied her her birthright throne!

Sounds like the list of excuses Jake Blues had for his ex fiance (Carrie Fisher) as he begged for her not to shot his sorry butt after he failed to show up at the altar. In this case, it was the American public that left Hillary at the altar.

JustShootMeNow | October 8, 2018 at 2:05 pm

Someone has set a new plateau for Photoshop. They should receive an award. And then taken out back and shot.

They can reminisce about what happens when you drag a $10 bill through a trailer park; her trip under fire to Bosnia; how to wipe a server with something other than a cloth; and the benefits of being best buds with Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein.

Grifters know nothing but grifting.

My take is it’s a move to head off indictment.

“She has purchased a beautiful blue new dress from the Gap and is ready to go,” Mr. Avenatti, the new lawyer for Miss Lewinsky, revealed earlier today.

LOL…. perfect!

Spend ALL the democrat donations
Lie lie and lie some more

She’s the ‘perfect’ dem nominee!



    C. Lashown in reply to LisaGinNZ. | October 8, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    Actually if both Hillary and Mooch run together for POTUS and VP I think this election could be exceptionally entertaining! Imagine, if you can, Hillary getting tossed into the back of a van 2-3 times a month for a year! ROFL

    AND MOOCH, now there is a real charmer! The first white person who becomes ‘obstinate’ with her will see what a sharp tongued racist she can become, especially with that infamous Mooch scowl. LOL This POTUS race would be something to see – and then have President Trump return to the WH with all the marbles….maybe these scum will really move to Canada this time and leave America for Americans.

“If I’d been elected president, I’d make sure than any male college student accused of sexual misconduct was immediately banned from campus. And [cackle] I’d make sure he couldn’t find some sneaky way further abuse the survivor by defending himself!” — H. Clinton

“But Ms Clinton, at least some of those accused have been persons of color. Surely you wouldn’t go back to the days when a white woman’s word was enough to get a black man punished?” — interlocutor

“Oh, umm [cough-cough-cough] I hadn’t thought of that. Has that actually happened?” — interlocutor

“Yes, Ms Clinton, it has.” — interlocutor

“Well, then, I’d have DoE publish a Dear Colleague letter advising schools to set up separate adjudication procedures for PoCs.” — H. Clinton

“But Ms Clinton, wouldn’t that violate the Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?” — interlocutor

“Maybe at first, but not after I pack the Court! Women must be Believed, and the sooner those privileged white frat boys learn that the better!” — H. Clinton

“But Ms Clinton, are you so crazed with power you’d abrogate the U.S. Constitution?” — interlocutor

“Guards- sieze that man! [sounds of scuffle]. When I become president, the Constitution will mean just exacgtly what I say it means- no more and no less [cough-cough-cough, hack, spat]” — H. Clinton
[silence, then sirens]

    “Guards- sieze that man! [sounds of scuffle]. When I become president, the Constitution will mean just exacgtly what I say it means- no more and no less [cough-cough-cough, hack, spat]” — H. Clinton

    Very good Albigensian!

American Human | October 8, 2018 at 3:45 pm

Perhaps I should invent a game for the arcade called “Whack-a-Clinton” where her head keeps popping up out of a hundred little holes.

Oh boy, can’t wait to tickets.

This should be as big a hit as moooochelle obama’s b.s. “tour.”

Suggested tour title: “Rapo-Treason Tour.”

The Friendly Grizzly | October 8, 2018 at 4:12 pm

I’m not, by nature, a cruel man. But, I hope she has one big huge freeze-up and has to finally depart the public scene.

    Won’t work. The Clinton Foundation plans to run a Hillary Clinton hologram until at least 2060.

    I hear the hologram is much more life-like and far more personable.

This is all about living off of the donor cash for a little while longer. Her useful idiots seem to be incapable of learning.

Is this her Sparticus moment? I’m so confused…

Bill and Hillary will be opening for the local high school glee club.

Oh well. It’s great for identity politics. Who on earth is older and whiter than the Clintons?

That’s wonderful. I hear China is lovely this time of year.

A few Facebook friends posted about this. They can’t wait until the Clintons come to New York!
I don’t want to know how much tickets to this are going to cost…

Breaking: Sessions is going on tour with them, as the “we couldn’t have done it without you” hero.

All three of them belong at the end of a rope.

The VERY big picture:

Each and every one of us should buy tickets, dutifully attend the event, and profoundly thank hillary klinton: but for her ridiculous incompetence in losing America’s first rigged election, Donald Trump would not be president, Justices Gorsuch and Kavannaugh would not be on the Supreme Court, and the most corrupted federal government in United States history would not have been exposed.

May her grave become one of America’s favorite urinals.

I hope someone from the RNC is following them around with a camera. This should be quite entertaining. She was already coughing up a lung today wherever she was.

But guess who is the organizer and coordinator of the anti-Kavanaugh campaign? Brian Fallon, Hillary’s former campaign spokesman, who runs the Soros-funded Demand Justice group organized last spring specifically to defeat Trump Supreme Court nominees.

I am a liberal feminist whose views on abortion and same-sex marriage align with the Democratic Party’s. Yet while most demonstrators are not paid for their efforts, the protests at the Capitol Saturday, and the ones that have included stalking lawmakers inside and outside their offices, are organized by groups of which Mr. Soros is an important patron.

I started following the money for the “resistance” when it was born, hours after Election Day 2016. I have organized my findings in a spreadsheet I have made public.
If you don’t have a subscription, use this site. Paste in wsj’s web address from the article.

I’m pretty sure white America won’t be voting for another America-hating black racist any time soon.

Paul–never underestimate the stupidity and gullibility of the American voter–they already did it twice–why not a 3rd time ?? ABJ

[psst … she’s running]

Pssst … no she isn’t, but she wants you to think she is.

This is the classic tactical move called a feint. The Clintons are grifters, pure and simple. The current story is that tickets for her events are $735. By appearing to be a Presidential candidate, she gets more in the door.

Bucky Barkingham | October 9, 2018 at 7:28 am

Thirteen cities announced, 3 in Canada. All but one, Sugar Land, TX, are Lefty bastions.

Methinks it’s for the money.

BTW the schedule seems a bit grueling for Hill with 3 cities in 3 days. She didn’t manage that in her Presidential pre-inauguration tour did she?

These people just don’t know when to call it. Well I say bring it on.It can only help.

It’ll be like the Spinal Tap American tour of unsold tickets. “Hello Cleveland!”