Do you want to go to Harvard or know someone who does? The discrimination trial is showing some of the easiest ways to get in.

CNN reports:

The Harvard admission trial puts the school’s dirty secrets on display

As a trial over alleged discrimination against Asian-Americans in Harvard admissions finishes its first week, one thing has become clear: there are ways to win a place at the Ivy League campus that fields a surplus of applicants with perfect grades and test scores.

Family wealth and connections to the school; athletic superiority; and an African-American or Latino background all significantly enhance an applicant’s chances. In some instances, students whose families pledged over millions of dollars to fund a building or endow professorships got an advantage, emails show.

But then coming from a household with an income of less than $60,000 or having a migrant parent can also provide a boost. And while gender does not make a difference, knowing Latin and Greek and showing an interest in the humanities might catch an admission officer’s eye.

Those various factors may be self-evident, but testimony in the Boston courtroom of US District Judge Allison Burroughs this week has offered a rare and detailed view into the secretive screening process at a university that receives 40,000 applications annually and finishes with a freshman class of 1,660 students.