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Fraternities Under Fire From Activists and Admins at U. Texas Austin Forced to Re-brand

Fraternities Under Fire From Activists and Admins at U. Texas Austin Forced to Re-brand

“spate of vandalism against fraternity houses last year”

The left does not like the Greek system, that’s no secret. At the University of Texas at Austin, some frats are re-branding.

The College Fix reports:

U. Texas fraternities fortify and rebrand as administrators and activists threaten them

A recent “Stand With Survivors” protest at the University of Texas-Austin highlighted the hostility of a growing number of students toward fraternities, hinting at a possible breaking point.

Protesters implicated the university in their denunciation of new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a “drunken frat boy,” accusing the UT administration of enabling sexual abuse. President Greg Fenves was blamed for “silencing survivors,” as was Colton Becker, UT’s student body president and Phi Delta Theta member.

A spate of vandalism against fraternity houses last year, including that of Phi Gamma Delta, spurred the installation of security cameras and lighting systems in many houses (above). Four fraternities in a single week were vandalized with graffiti, reading “death to all frats,” “nuke the frats” (below) and simply “rapists.”

Even though Fenves publicly defended fraternities after the vandalism spree, his administration has arguably spurred more ill will toward the embattled student organizations, many of which have been accused of no serious wrongdoing.

The Office of the Dean of Students sends out monthly anti-hazing emails to the student body that identify all Greek organizations that have received citations or suspensions for “hazing” within a given period…

UT’s Delta Kappa Alpha, whose national organization is already “gender-inclusive,” officially became a professional cinematic society last year but did not publicize the change beyond its website. Many members had already begun using the new title before the official change.


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The year before the Duke Lacrosse hoax took place, the meeting of college administrators had, as one of its topics, how to deal with organizations, like lacrosse teams, that attracted alpha males. At that time, they would not have dared going after fraternities. Now, as we saw in the UVa “Rolling Stone” hoax, fraternities are a prime target. College administrators want nothing more than to get rid of any group that attracts alpha males.

They want to get rid of anything the left protests. They want to keep the student debt rolling their way.