Everyone likes to have a good time, but it’s important to know your limits.

Greenville News reports:

Drunk USC students are overloading the ER and causing mayhem at a Columbia hospital

So many drunk University of South Carolina students are being transported to the emergency room during home football games that stretchers line the hallways of Palmetto Health Baptist, emergency services are strained and drunken antics slow nurses who are trying to tend to the truly sick.

“They try to run away, fight people, pee in the corner,” said a nurse at Palmetto Health Baptist. “It’s been that way the whole time I’ve worked there.”

“We do get violent USC students,” another nurse at Palmetto Health Baptist said. “It just takes away from other patients.”

For this story, The State interviewed four nurses and one Richland County Emergency Medical Technician under the condition their names not be used.

In the shadow of Williams-Brice Stadium Saturday, hundreds of college age women lined a wood fence with a “Female Entrance Only” gate. Behind the fence, thousands reveled prior to the Gamecock football team’s face off against Tennessee.

Two women hugged each other and stumbled around, spilling a red colored beverage from a red cup. A bottle of whiskey was on the ground a few feet from them. Boots, high heels and sandals trampled other solo cups, abandoned beer cans and emptied six pack holders.