Amber Athey of the Daily Caller gave a speech on due process at American University this week and due to an expectation of disruptions, needed a police escort to do so.

She reports:

Police Had to Escort Me to Give a Campus Speech on Due Process – Here’s What Happened

Promises of disruptive protests and physical threats required police to escort me as I walked onto The American University (AU) campus Tuesday night to deliver a speech on why due process is especially important in the #MeToo era.

Several weeks ago, AU Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) invited me to give a speech on a topic of my choosing. The country was fixated on the Kavanaugh hearings. The subject seemed obvious: Due process. The title, “No, Don’t Believe All Women,” was intended to provoke thought.

The purpose of my speech was to encourage open thought about balancing support for sexual assault victims with protecting the rights of the accused and making sure that innocent lives aren’t ruined by false allegations. The topic proved too triggering for many students at American University.

Just hours after the event hit Facebook, students on campus expressed their intent to protest and organize a safe space…

Facing backlash from fellow students, the Young Americans for Liberty opted to change the name of the event without my permission, retitling it, “Your Due Process: #MeToo.”

On the day of my speech, following several TV interviews about the protests, I was informed of the police escort on campus and that security would be placed outside of the room in which I was speaking.

Here’s a video from the scene:

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