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Branco Cartoon – Bigfoot

Branco Cartoon – Bigfoot


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But the left are insane in their hatred so they will try pushing their rage and insanity in the election.

God help us if they win the House, I think their antics might have saved the Senate and possibly the House.

    fishstick in reply to oldgoat36. | October 8, 2018 at 8:44 am

    the House is going to be tough for Republicans to maintain (this election cycle) due to the shifting of districts done in Blue states in the past 2 years

    plus the Republican party as a whole had a rather late start in trying to defend their vulnerable seats

    though it is a different story in the Senate where the Democrats had many vulnerable seats for the midterms, even with the subterfuge by the RINO’s trying to dump their seats to the opposition

    the only Red state Democrat that I think will win is Joe Manchin

    Trump is poised to look at a 54-46 or 55-45 Senate after midterms which will allow him to dump Sessions

    but I do think the House will fall to the Democrats with a 221-214 outcome

    which is entirely fine because the Republicans can simply regroup to retake the House during Trump’s re-election bid

    keeping the Senate and netting atleast 3-4 more seats should be the Republicans top priority this midterm cycle

Beautiful! Love the expression on the donkey’s face.

Great cartoon. Another one in the win column. And the left melts down further.


The ever-intolerant Left®, brought to you by the rightful, er, leftful political heirs of Saul Alinsky.

I like the way that the Ds are made to look very small, irrelevant even.

This has been a bumper year indeed.