Former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the favorites to run for the presidency in 2020, told CBS News he hopes Congress doesn’t impeach President Donald Trump:

“I hope they don’t. I don’t think there’s a basis for doing that right now,” Biden said. He called for Democrats to wait until the conclusion of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I think we should focus on all the terrible things that are happening now in terms of interest of the middle class people and working class people,” Biden said, criticizing the Trump administration for “decimating” unions and “eviscerating” the Environmental Protection Agency.

“There are so many things to attend to immediately. Let’s see where the investigation takes us,” Biden said.

He also expressed confidence Democrats would gain the majority in the House in the midterm elections this year, which he said would inspire Republicans to “vote their conscience” and break with Mr. Trump more often on policy issues.