Over the weekend, there was a vigil in Portland, Oregon for Patrick Kimmons, a black man who was shot by police. Afterwards, members of Antifa blocked streets, directed traffic, and harassed drivers and other people.

Scott Morefield reports at the Daily Caller:

Antifa Protesters Block Portland Traffic, Nearly Start Riot During Patrick Kimmons Vigil

Antifa protesters blocked traffic and almost started a riot during a Saturday march and vigil for Patrick Kimmons, a black Portland man shot by police on September 30 after he allegedly shot two people and approached officers holding a gun.

“Protesters Started a Riot in Downtown Portland!” tweeted videographer Brandon Farley, who, according to his Twitter feed, records “disruptive events in downtown Portland, Oregon.” The disturbing video shows protesters running down the street, and a group chasing an older white-haired man to his car…

“Just go that way,” a female protester told a driver who had rolled down his window to talk. When he purportedly asked why, she responded, “Because I told you to.”

“Yeah brother, yeah you little white little f*er,” a man, who appeared to be white himself, yelled while approaching the vehicle. “The First Amendment. Get the f* down the road.”

Columnist Andy C. Ngo, who is from Portland, posted the following videos on Twitter (strong language warning):

The car in the second video was seriously damaged. KATU News reports:

Driver who pushed through protesters tells police his car sustained $3,000 in damages

The driver who pushed through a crowd of protesters in downtown Portland Saturday told police his vehicle sustained $3,000 in damages during the incident.

Police say they contacted the driver of the silver Lexus.

KATU News contacted the driver at his home in Southwest Portland Monday afternoon.

The driver says he was following two other cars that made a right-hand turn when one protester stepped in front of his car and others surrounded it.

It seems as if the left, lacking any real political power, is just taking power wherever they can get it.

I fear this is going to become more common.

Featured image via YouTube.


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