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Young Democratic Socialists of America Launch ‘College for All’ Campaign

Young Democratic Socialists of America Launch ‘College for All’ Campaign

“the latest of many recent pushes by YDSA to infiltrate college campuses”

College has become boot camp for left wing activism, so of course the YDSA wants everyone to go. They want to increase their ranks.

Campus Reform reports:

Democratic socialists launch ‘College for All’ campaign

The Young Democratic Socialists of America plan to launch a “College for All” campaign on college campuses across the country this Labor Day.

The initiative was approved during YDSA’s summer convention, according to a Fall Drive Training video that was emailed to members and obtained by Campus Reform.

The goal of the College for All campaign will be to demand free college education from elected leaders, the video explains, asserting that local chapters across the country can help by “running local, winnable campaigns for things like tuition freezes, better financial aid, rights for workers, while demanding college for all at a national level.”

This campaign is the latest of many recent pushes by YDSA to infiltrate college campuses and the entire public education system.

Since 2015, the YDSA has expanded its presence on high school and college campuses from 15 chapters to 55 chapters across the country, a figure it describes on its website as “almost 70.”

The group has also been encouraging socialists to take jobs as teachers with the goal exploiting the “political, economic, and social potential the industry holds,” offering free training materials for socialists interested in following their advice, replete with suggested shortcuts to getting a teaching certification.

The Young Democratic Socialists of America’s latest campaign, College for All, will focus on the well-known socialist agenda of free college education for all students, which YDSA is pushing at both private and public universities.


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1) Not everyone wants to, or should, attend college.
2) There is no such thing as a “democratic socialist”; just plain socialists.
3) Socialists want things to be “free”.
4) Socialists can’t do ordinary, kitchen table math. (See Point 3)
5) Margaret Thatcher nailed it: “Socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money.”

The so-called education system in this country is an abysmal failure. Our children are being fed propaganda disguised as fact, which they take as truth:
… The evils in our world were caused by the USA
… Capitalism is slavery in disguise
… Math and logic are Eurocentric myths
… Etc and ad nauseum

Evil people have often stated if they can get the children they can control the future. They are getting our kids, and the future is starting to look grim.

Can you say, “David Hogg”?

I guess Econ. 101 isn’t taught any more.

Economics is interesting, because it is a field based in math but at the same time driven in many areas by psychology. There is the economics of need which is mainly driven by math, and then there is the economics of “want,” where psychology is a much greater factor in people’s decision making. To me, much of the evil of the left is them making more and more of the “want” category a part of the need category (basically food, water, and shelter) with expanded entitlement programs. That, and expecting me to pay for it. 🙁