This doesn’t sound like a very fair trade. Why is free speech always such an issue in higher education?

The College Fix reports:

University demands professor sign away his free-speech rights if he wants his job back

Ken Peterson thought he was in the clear after winning an appeal of his dismissal by Dixie State University.

Then the tenured music professor was ordered to sign a “Last Chance Agreement” if he wanted to return to campus.

The text of that agreement – which requires Peterson to affirm his “unprofessional/uncivil behavior” toward colleagues and “inappropriate behavior” with students, as well as censor himself on an ongoing basis – is drawing condemnation from academic and free-speech groups.

John K. Wilson, an editor for the American Association of University Professors’ Academe blog, went so far as to call it “one of the most extreme violations of academic freedom and free speech that I’ve ever seen.”

Peterson shared the five-page agreement earlier this month, saying he wouldn’t sign it: “It is punitive, vindictive, disenfranchising, and dehumanizing.”

The situation has caused quite the stir even beyond campus borders, the professor told The College Fix.

“You wouldn’t believe how badly this has affected the performing arts program at DSU, the entire campus, and in fact, the whole close-knit community of Saint George Utah,” Peterson wrote in an email.