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UK Islamist Groups ‘Weaponizing’ Islamophobia to Silence Critics, Counter-Extremism Tsar Says

UK Islamist Groups ‘Weaponizing’ Islamophobia to Silence Critics, Counter-Extremism Tsar Says

Muslim groups “weaponise Islamophobia in an attempt to shut down legitimate debate about Islamic extremism.”

Islamist groups in Britain are “weaponizing” Islamophobia to silence legitimate criticism of Radical Islam, the country’s counter-extremism tsar warned.

The UK-based Muslim extremist groups “and their sympathisers weaponise Islamophobia in an attempt to shut down legitimate debate about Islamic extremism while undermining the general struggle against anti-Muslim hatred,” Sara Khan, head of the UK Commission for Countering Extremism, said.

The UK newspaper Daily Telegraph reported the counter-extremism tsar’s statement:

Hard line groups are “weaponising” Islamophobia and “cynically” using human rights to promote their ideology, the Government’s new counter-extremism tsar has warned.

Sara Khan said that Islamist groups accuse their critics of being anti-Muslim, in an attempt to undermine “legitimate debate” about extremism.

She said that the “use and abuse” of the language of human rights is “perhaps the most concerning” tactic employed by fundamentalist groups.

“Groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir, for example – who traditionally rally against what they perceive to be western human rights – increasingly and cynically use human rights to promote Islamist ideology,” Ms Khan said.

The statement comes as Muslim activists and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), the UK’s leading umbrella organization for Islamic groups, are campaigning against growing “Islamophobia” in the country. The group is urging the government to publicize “incidents of Islamophobia” and “carry out education and training on Islamophobia” for politicians.

Earlier this week, MCB launched a campaign to ban the American evangelist Franklin Graham from entering the country on grounds of “hate speech.” The group called on the government to “apply its criteria on hate speech to Graham’s visa request,” UK newspaper The Guardian reported. Graham is set to speak at a religious event in the city of Blackpool later this month. In the past, British Muslim groups have successfully rallied to keep Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller—leading American critics of Islam—from entering the country.

While Muslim groups are busy looking for traces of Islamophobia within the British society, Islamist recruiters are infiltrating UK college campuses and recruiting Muslim students for jihad. “We know there are and have been terrorist radicalisers, terrorist recruiters and terrorists active on campus who have recruited young men and women into terrorism,” UK Security Minister Ben Wallace disclosed earlier this year.

Mass migration from Arab and Muslim countries has made the challenge of countering Islamic terrorism even more daunting for the British security services. The UK is now home to some 23,000 potential jihadis, the country’s domestic intelligence service MI5 estimates. So far, around 450 battle-hardened ISIS war criminals have returned to the country after serving the caliphate in Syria and Iraq, posing a serious security risk. The country has been hit by a series of Islamic terror attacks, with last year’s terrorist incidents in London and Manchester killing 35 people alone.

According to former MI5 chief Jonathan Evans, Islamic terrorism has become a “generational problem” for the country and won’t be going away anytime soon. “I think on the terrorism side we are at least 20 years into this. My guess is that we will still be dealing with the long tail in another 20 years time,” Evans said in an interview last August.

With 130 British Islamists killed while fighting for the ISIS, Radical Islam poses a bigger threat to Muslim lives than perceived “Islamophobia.” Muslim community leaders need to stand up against radicalization in own their midst rather than police other people’s language and criminalize religious dissent.

Video: British-Pakistani talk-show host Maajid Nawaz wants the word “Islamophobia” scrapped

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Totalitarians of all stripes have learned to use this tactic to shut down all sorts of debates. In the US we have a veritable cornucopia of “phobias” that the progs would have us not talk about.

    assemblerhead in reply to Paul. | September 21, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Having a conversation with people who are lying is a waste of time.

    Remember, all Muslims are REQUIRED to lie to the non-Muslim ( taqiyya ).

    The word “Kafir” has a duel meaning :
    #1 : non-believer
    #2 : sub-human

    Just remember the Islamic practice of “taqiyya” whenever they speak to you.

      Walker Evans in reply to assemblerhead. | September 22, 2018 at 2:20 am

      “Required” is too strong a word; highly encouraged would be more accurate. The idea is to avoid at all costs giving the infidels (all non-Muslims) a true picture of the goal of Islamic Supremacism; the conquest of the entire globe and the reversion of all people to Islam.

And it is always the 98% giving a bad name to the 2%.

    Walker Evans in reply to MajorWood. | September 22, 2018 at 2:32 am

    In this case it is the 98% that are lying and the 2% that are painting a true picture. Islam’s ultimate goal was and still is the subjugation of the whole world. Most people misunderstand this because they consider Islam to be primarily a religion and it is not; it is a political/legal/social system with a religious component, totally different from the religions they know in the West.

“We know there are and have been terrorist radicalisers, terrorist recruiters and terrorists active on campus who have recruited young men and women into terrorism,” UK Security Minister Ben Wallace disclosed earlier this year.”

To paraphrase: It’s not a phobia if they truly are out to get you.

Yeah, like nobody saw this coming. It’s one thing to be murdered. It’s another thing to invite the killer into your house and hand him the loaded gun.

Europe fell when the leaders opened the doors. It’s only going to get worse.

“UK Islamist Groups ‘Weaponizing’ Islamophobia to Silence Critics, Counter-Extremism Tsar Says”

This is hilarious. And by hilarious I mean sick and stupid. “Islamophobia” was invented by Muslim Brotherhood think tanks such as the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) precisely to be used as a cudgel to silence anyone telling the truth about the threat of Islam. And they deliberately modeled it on the epithet “homophobia” (another phobia that doesn’t exist) due to its effectiveness in silencing critics who were saying the obvious.

Thanks gay people!

To say that Muslims are attempting to “weaponize” Islamophobia is a tautology. It’s like saying that Iran is attempting to weaponize nuclear weapons.

    Arminius in reply to Arminius. | September 21, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    In other words “Islamophobia” is still serving its original purpose because the UK “extremism czar” is pretending that it has a legitimate use outside of its “weaponization.”

    Stockholm syndrome, anyone?

The British state are again adding charges against the man who has exposed the Pakistani Muslim paedophile rape gsngs, and will try to send him to prison for stating facts in the public domain next Thursday. #FreeTommyRobinson