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The Littlest Member of the LI Family Turns 2

The Littlest Member of the LI Family Turns 2

A true joy

It’s been two years since our littlest love, the first LI baby, joined us in this big, bad, beautiful world.

She’s the happiest, most content child — a true joy. Seldom cross, usually happy, playful, helpful, and kind, she (and our oldest) are the best reminders of why what we do here is important, and also that life outside of the awful political bubble is the best, most important work we will ever do.

Pictured here with her new baby stroller, which is apparently, the best thing ever:

I love celebrations of life — they have a way of redirecting us and renewing our appreciation for love and kinship. I’m incredibly grateful for the blessings of motherhood and family, and for our littlest sunshine.

Regular readers are familiar with my firm belief that our best hope for change is not in politics, but in our lives and relationships. This from a blog post I wrote shortly after Klara was born is even truer today:

But as the dog and I snuggle in the quiet, I’m more aware now than ever that some of the most important work I’ll ever do has been done in 2016 — laying the foundation for what’s already a wonderful marriage with the best man I’ve ever known, bringing a miraculous little life into this world, and becoming a parent to an amazing little girl with whom I’m completely in love. So many life-changing beginnings.

This musing is more than thankful introspection by Christmas tree glow, it’s a much deeper revelation that our purpose in life is deeply rooted in those around us. Sure, elections are important, but hearts and minds aren’t swayed by elections or the Electoral College, by social media campaigns or witty comebacks. Not even legislation can sway the leanings of the heart; change is a byproduct of our relationships.

I can’t rightly mention family without appreciation for the many wonderful people who love our girls much and well. Or without bragging about our oldest (my bonus baby), who is the kindest, most tender-hearted girl. A natural helper with a giving spirit. She’s an amazing sister to Klara. I’m blessed and thankful to be part of her life and that she’s part of mine.

My husband is the best. A great Dad and partner, we met almost exactly four years ago today. Jeff is without question, one of the absolute best things to have happened to me.

Politics is a dirty business and the pursuit of truth and rightness are essential — they directly impact the kind of world we will be leaving to our daughters. But when I’m not worrying about that nastiness, I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful that I get to do life with this crew.


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Be real careful, they grow up fast. Mine was that once only a few minutes ago, Now, she is turning 16.

How wonderful…!!! Take lots of pictures, write lots of memories. Keep them safe.

She’s so gorgeous, Kemberlee, and your post is a great reminder that there are far more important things in life than politics.

You are truly blessed, and the thing I love about you is that you never forget that. You are the perfect Mommy to both your girls and a fine example to them. *Sniffle*

OMG, I demand a Cuteness Overload warning be put at the top of this post. She is precious! Love that bright smile. Happy Birthday Klara!

I see you’ve assumed her gender, now she’ll never make the Supreme Court.
Cuteness overload warning is needed. Glad she’s turned out so perfect Kemberlee.

Happy birthday to the wee one! I think this post is a great way to start the week…perhaps an omen on better news to come!!! Hugs from the Left Coast.

Two in a tutu! Too cute! Happy birthday wee one. May you know a kind and gentle world your whole life long!

    Arminius in reply to MrE. | September 30, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Have to disagree with you there, pard. Kimberlee, she’s adorable. Now it’s your job and your husband’s job to also make her strong. The world isn’t a kind and gentle place. I hate to interject what may seem to be a foul note in an otherwise joyous occasion, and it is a truly joyous occasion and I wish I was there to celebrate it with you, but we all know as adults that what I’m saying is true.

    And I can say it because she can’t read it yet.

      Kemberlee Kaye in reply to Arminius. | September 30, 2018 at 10:42 pm

      That is the goal of every parent, isn’t it Arminius? To raise your children to be themselves, foster their best gifts and callings, protect their hearts, but prepare them to survive in the nasty, cold, cruel world in such a way that they’re capable of making it better rather than allowing it to destroy them.

    Kemberlee Kaye in reply to MrE. | September 30, 2018 at 10:40 pm

    Thanks so much, Mr. E.

Still should have named her Ivanka.

Awesome pics!

Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Happy birthday, Klara.

Happy birthday… two years came and went in a flash.

Happy baby-b-day! Our first grandbaby will be one here shortly. My baby had a baby. (and of course we’re spoiling him rotten)

Happy Birthday to Klara, and Happy Birthday to Mommy. It’s your celebration too.

So happy for you!

We have a granddaughter who we adopted when she was 4 months old and I have been so gratified to see her do so well throughout HS (Salutatorian) and now into College!

And she is a conservative! LOL

Klara will make you proud!


Simply adorable!

What a lovely, much-needed, heart-warming post! Thanks for sharing this — Klara is beautiful!

Congratulations on finding each other and Happy Birthday to Klara!!

What a cutie! Something made me think about Klara a few weeks ago, and how old she would be now. Two years! Time flies when you’re having fun. We must be really having fun! With a smile like hers, you clearly have a lot of fun, Kemberlee.

Buon Compleanno, Bambina! Molta Bella!

A beautiful symmetry; you are blessed. Life is good…