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Penn State Math Course Covers Imperialism and Social Justice

Penn State Math Course Covers Imperialism and Social Justice

“course material contains large portions of political opinion that have little relevance”

Some people on the left can’t talk about anything without injecting their political views.

Campus Reform reports:

Penn State math course covers ‘imperialism’ and ‘cultural intolerance’

A professor teaching a general education math course at Penn State University included pages of his personal opinion on politics and social justice issues in exams.

Campus Reform received copies of exams, including a midterm, from an anonymous student who was concerned by the political nature of the course material when they took Professor Marc Fabbri’s math class last spring. The course material contains large portions of political opinion that have little relevance to the course topic.

The course, “Finite Mathematics,” is designed for non-science majors and fulfills a general education requirement. The course is described by Penn State as an “introduction to logic, sets, [and] probability,” however, the take-home tests Campus Reform received appear to contain the professor’s personal opinion and few math problems.

Fabbri details several seemingly random environmental efforts in the Great Lakes as well as the 1965 Clean Water Act signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson in section three of a course document titled “Would the Real Trump University Please Stand Up,” obtained by Campus Reform.

Over the course of two and a half pages, the professor gives a lengthy account of how he became aware of fracking before asking students to analyze statistics related to fracking violations.

Fabbri asks students to negate the statement “all those who enjoy religious freedom promote cultural toleration” after detailing, for nearly three pages, several academics’ condemnation of imperialism in a section entitled “Imperialism, Hubris and Cultural Intolerance: Threats to Democracy.”


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Hey, at least he showed some restraint by not teaching set theory with Republicans, fascists, Nazis, and the KKK as the only 4 to be considered, and the correct answer was a complete overlap of all 4.

Guy likely knows little math so he fills the gap with bullsh*t.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 8, 2018 at 5:44 pm

Their electrical engineering department is teaching a course in insulative properties of various stubstances. In tune with the direction the math department is taking, the course is called “Dielectrical Materialism”.