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Levi Strauss & Co. Partnering With Left Wing Gun Control Group Everytown USA

Levi Strauss & Co. Partnering With Left Wing Gun Control Group Everytown USA

“business has a critical role to play in and a moral obligation to do something”

Levi’s jeans may be associated with cowboys and the old west, but that’s not preventing the company from going ‘woke’ on gun control. The company’s CEO and president Chip Bergh recently announced that they are partnering with the left wing gun control group Everytown USA.

Morgan Gstalter reports at The Hill:

Levi Strauss teams up with gun control group: ‘We simply cannot stand by silently’

American denim giant Levi Strauss & Co. announced Tuesday that it is launching a series of new initiatives to benefit groups working to prevent gun violence.

Levi Strauss’s CEO and President Chip Bergh wrote in Fortune on Tuesday that the company “simply cannot stand by silently when it comes to issues that threaten the very fabric of the communities where we live and work.”

“You may wonder why a company that doesn’t manufacture or sell guns is wading into this issue, but for us, it’s simple,” Bergh wrote. “Americans shouldn’t have to live in fear of gun violence. It’s an issue that affects all of us — all generations and all walks of life.”

Bergh said it was his responsibility to speak up for important issues since he leads a “values-drive company that’s known the world over as a pioneer of the American West and one of the great symbols of American freedom.”

He added that he is not advocating to repeal the 2nd Amendment nor calling gun owners irresponsible.

Here’s part of what Bergh wrote at Fortune:

Levi Strauss CEO: Why Business Leaders Need to Take a Stand on Gun Violence

In November 2016, I wrote an open letter requesting that gun owners not bring firearms into our stores, offices, or facilities, even in states where it’s permitted by law. This was following an incident in one of our stores in which a customer accidentally shot and injured himself while trying on a pair of jeans. While that was bad, it could have been worse: The bullet could have killed him, another customer, or one of our employees.

In the days after I published that letter, I received threats to our stores, our business, and even on my life. It was unsettling. But these personal attacks pale in comparison to the threats that activists and survivors from Parkland, Sandy Hook, and daily incidents of gun violence face every time they speak up on this issue…

First, we have established the Safer Tomorrow Fund, which will direct more than $1 million in philanthropic grants from Levi Strauss & Co. over the next four years to fuel the work of nonprofits and youth activists who are working to end gun violence in America.

Second, I’m proud to announce that Levi Strauss & Co. is partnering with Everytown for Gun Safety and executives including Michael Bloomberg to form Everytown Business Leaders for Gun Safety, a coalition of business leaders who believe, as we do, that business has a critical role to play in and a moral obligation to do something about the gun violence epidemic in this country. I encourage every CEO and business leader reading this to consider the impact we could make if we stood together alongside the broad coalition of concerned parents, youth, elders, veterans, and community and faith leaders who are committed to shaping a safer path forward.

It’s nice that Bergh said he’s not advocating to repeal the Second Amendment but make no mistake, Everytown USA is a left wing political organization. Take a look at some of the most recent tweets in their official feed:

Don’t tell me this is merely a gun safety group, because it isn’t. It is waging a war on the NRA and by extension, the Second Amendment itself.

As for Levi Strauss & Co., real life once again imitates parody:

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To hell with them. I’d boycott them but I can’t buy less than nothing. They started this idiocy actually some time ago. Besides, Wrangler are cheaper and fit better. Without the libtard sanctimony.

regulus arcturus | September 5, 2018 at 1:22 pm

Beretta jeans are better.

Once again some progressive CEO decides that his ideology is more important than his business. He may think that an iconic brand like “Levi Strauss” won’t be affected. He’s wrong.

ScottTheEngineer | September 5, 2018 at 1:26 pm

“What have you done Mr. W” “something very expensive”

Haven’t worn them since middle school when I didn’t have a choice.

Wonder what the shareholders feel about this?

Morning Sunshine | September 5, 2018 at 1:49 pm

somebody – maybe here, earlier, posted this article:
it may be the explanation.

Looks like no more Nikes or Levis in my household. Not to mention most Hollyweird productions. Living the clutter free life is pretty sweet.

    DaveGinOly in reply to Ghost Rider. | September 5, 2018 at 10:28 pm

    Got thrown out of a Half Price Books store two weekends ago for open carrying. I had never noticed their “no guns” sticker by the door (never looked for one and when it was pointed out, it wasn’t terribly prominent – maybe they’re not that proud of it). I’ve spent plenty of money there over the years. But now I have enough books I haven’t yet read to last me at least eight or nine years, possibly longer. (I spend more time reading article on the interwebs than I do reading books, so I tend to go through books rather slowly.) Not buying from HPB is going to save me a ton of money.

    But being anti-gun while selling books? Some rights are more important than others? If the owner of HPB want to make the world a better place, they should stop selling books. Books are burned and banned because the ideas they contain are extremely dangerous. They’ve been at least tangentially responsible for the deaths of millions of people. If it would save just one life, we should shut down all book stores!

First of all, this is nothing but cheap virtue signaling. LS&Co had $4.9 BILLION in net sales in 2017. They are offering to contribute $250,000 per year, for the next 4 years, to various groups which oppose gun ownership. This is statistically 0% of their profits for a single year. The company would actually have a bigger impact on gun violence if it gave the money to the Chicago PD to fight gang violence in that city. It appears that the CEO is simply buying invitations to the cocktail parties of his wealthy friends and business associates.

Second, LS&Co can spend its money any way that it wants. And, we can spend ours any way that we want. But, I suspect that most of Levi’s sales come from the Yuppy and GQ crowd via the Dockers label, not the jean’s line.

You pays your money, you takes your choice. Wranglers, Lee, Carhartt, all make good quality denim jeans. Note to Levi: don’t fight with your money.

Numbers and status. Scalpels are dual-use instruments employed for ostensibly non-criminal purposes (under the Twilight Amendment) in the elective, summary abortion (i.e. selective-child) of millions of wholly innocent human lives for social progress.

What can you say when a business is actively supporting the destruction of our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC and taking away our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS ?

Guess that’s that for me. I have two pairs of old button flies I’ll never wear again.

Levis hooks up with Every Clown for Gun Safety?
Plenty of options out there, I’m done buying that brand. FM.

I just emailed them advising I will no longer purchase Levi products. I suggest all reading the blog today should. (first time poster long time blog follower)

I don’t own any Nike or Levi products. I haven’t liked either company’s products for a long time.

Dilbert Deplorable | September 5, 2018 at 2:54 pm

I’m a Wrangler guy anyway. Fkkk Levi’s

I emailed LEVIS and advised them I won’t buy their products anymore. Hope you all will too. I also posted a LEVI contact link here but the MODS deleted it for some reason.

A goodly number of years ago that tag on the jeans was my size. Now in my 70s, it hasn’t been that way in a long time and it’s been that long since I bought a pair of Levis.

Levis, schlevis. Buy Dickies Jeans, a far better product and less expensive, too.

I prefer the button fly jeans over any other that has zippers. Fortunately I own about 10 pair, and as an aside, in the size shown above, same size I have worn since HS – 45 years ago. I won’t likely need any more pair of them, but I will express my displeasure about their stance, mainly due to the left wing idiots they are pairing up with.

Ah well, I’m just glad I’m on the downward side of the slope and will probably only live to see decline of the US, and not the bottoming out.

I bought a pair of button fly Levis when I was in college in the early ’70s, because they were “in”. But, I hated the button fly and the way they fit, and have never bought another Levi product since.

Sure won’t be buying any more now.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to rinardman. | September 5, 2018 at 4:14 pm

    I had a Levi’s “jean jacket” that I wore for over a decade. It wore like iron, fit me very well, and the workmanship was very good. It was back when Levi’s was an American product.

Can’t wait to see how the money is spent. When do these efforts by the left NOT backfire famously?

For theatre, you could troll them with actual parody and no one could tell the difference.

Have never purchased Levis (nor Nikes) so looks like I planned ahead.

Occasional Thinker | September 5, 2018 at 3:56 pm

I swore off their products many years ago when they opposed the Boy Scouts over gay leaders. (That was long before the BSA folded on the gay issue.)

I have only bought Levis for my whole life. Huge change for me, but an easy one. Over the past 5+ years, the belt loops break easily.

I never noticed Levi’s slide into the depths before now. I’ve worn them since I started shooting at age four, over sixty years ago. No more. Also need to trash the Nikes.

I buy my hubby 2 or 3 pairs of the Bass Pro jeans each year on Black Friday at $10/pair. They last more than long enough for that price.

Levi’s have decreased their quality and no way will he wear skinny jeans, so we haven’t bought them in years.

If a commercial is played in a stadium, and there is no one there to hear it….

Stand for America’s human rights leaders (Republicans and the willing) who sacrificed blood and treasure to end slavery. Stand for America’s civil rights leaders who confront diversity (e.g. racism) or color judgments (i.e. denying individual dignity). Stand for equality (not “=” or political congruence) – civil unions for all (not just the transgender/homosexual elite) consenting adults. Stand for millions of wholly innocent human lives without a voice that have faced cruel and unusual punishment and sentenced to summary abortion for social progress under the Twilight (a.k.a. penumbra) Amendment. Stand your ground. Exercise your capital. Vote for a conservation of religious/moral principles: individual dignity, intrinsic value, inordinate worth. Reconcile moral, natural, and personal imperatives.

Charitable donations from big business should be banned.

I’m going to tell the libs Levi has violated their ban on Citizen United contributions just to stir them up.

Well, here we go again. One would think these companies would know by now that backlash will impact their bottom line (not the cause they are supporting). So I’ll add yet another corporate merchant to the list I never shop at due to their anti 2A stance. Dick sporting Goods…verboten, now I elsewhere, Levis’….I’ll take wrangler please, and Nike, sorry I’m an Asics guy. The list goes on, and frankly I like that these companies make a stance so that my dollars don’t work against me indirectly. OBTW this certainly goes for my banking preferences. If you are a 2A person then take the time to know where your $$ are going!

Just emailed Levi’s ….I encourage all to do the same so they know of our displeasure.

Best explanation that I have seen is that these companies aren’t Americn companies any more, but rather international clothing brands that are more affected by Chinese relations and esp tariffs, than by any expected loss of US sales. And, notably, some of their production is apparently probably being done by Chinese companies that subcontract cheap N Korean labor. Trump is costing these companies far more than they will lose, and thus their priority is to replace him. And, thus, they comport with the enemy, whether that be the Chinese,BLM, or a gun control group.

The gun safety law that we need is to make it a federal felony to abuse the 2nd amendment. This means that anyone who possesses a firearm during the commission of a violent or serious crime or is felon in possession of a firearm serves 30 years in a federal prison. That is after serving the punishment for the underlying crime.

If you are too ignorant to understand that “common sense” is propaganda by people who still confuse auto and send, or that Everytown has been busted making up “school shootings” that never happened, then you have no business sticking your toe in these waters.

Auto and semi, not send.

And add magazine vs clip in there as well.

Seriously, how can anyone call for “common sense” on a topic they don’t understand? Common Sense implies you are already deeply knowledgeable and experienced with the subject.

Otherwise, you’re like that new kid, first day on the loading docks, questioning why we do things the way we do. You ignorantly apply your “common sense” and you’re going to get someone killed.

Levi is trying to look respectable, likely because their CEO has been pulling Weinsteins and needs an Indulgence to compensate for his sins. But this just makes them look irresponsible.

This is disingenuous.

If they really cared about gun safety they!d support the NRA and their Eddie Eagle program, as well as values education—i.e., that it’s wrong to kill, etc.

Self-defense is a right; murder is already a crime.