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Gun Rights Activists Praise Court for Ruling in Favor of Campus Carry

Gun Rights Activists Praise Court for Ruling in Favor of Campus Carry

“I am pleased to see this two-year-old law upheld.”

A small group of professors has been fighting campus carry in Texas and they keep losing.

The College Fix reports:

Gun activists praise court ruling in favor of campus carry

Activists with pro-gun groups are applauding a federal appeals court’s recent dismissal of a lawsuit challenging a Texas campus carry law. The ruling dealt a blow to the three professors who sought to nullify the law on First Amendment grounds.

This is the second time the professors have lost the case in court. The suit was thrown out, and the concealed carry law upheld, by a federal district judge in July of 2017. Now the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has upheld that decision, Inside Higher Ed reported, with the court stating that “none of the cited evidence alleges a certainty that a license-holder will illegally brandish a firearm in a classroom.”

Gun rights activists have applauded the decision.

Michael Newbern, spokesman for the campus carry group Students for Concealed Carry, provided The College Fix with a statement from Quinn Cox, the southwest regional director of the organization

“I am pleased to see this two-year-old law upheld. Once again, opponents of campus carry have failed to provide evidence that campus carry makes college campuses less safe or inhibits the free exchange of ideas,” said Cox.

“In Texas, vetted, licensed adults have been allowed to take their concealed firearms into places like movie theaters, churches, and public libraries for more than 20 years. It is silly to think that expanding this law to include the buildings of public colleges would somehow violate the U.S. Constitution,” Cox added.


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Dilbert Deplorable | September 8, 2018 at 8:23 am

Left tards have ‘silly’ totally covered.

Everything they think, everything they believe, everything they say is SILLY.