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Georgetown University Adding New Trans and LGBT Friendly Housing Option

Georgetown University Adding New Trans and LGBT Friendly Housing Option

“drawing the ire of many traditionalist Catholics”

Why does Georgetown even bother identifying as a Catholic school anymore? It embraces progressive ‘wokeness’ on almost every level.

The Washington Examiner makes a case for the decision:

Georgetown’s new LGBTQ living space is good for the Catholic Church

Georgetown University recently announced they will be adding a new transgender-friendly housing option for students this fall, drawing the ire of many traditionalist Catholics who think the historically religious university has lost its way.

Kelly Marcum, writing for the American Conservative, said that, “The notion of an LGBTQ-affirming house, for which, to merit entrance, all residents must be committed to ‘exploring’ their genders and sexualities—whatever that ‘exploration’ entails is patently antithetical to the teachings of the Church.”

“The Catholic Church, whose traditions Georgetown alleges to uphold, makes the bold proclamation that we, as human beings, are defined by infinitely more than our sexual urges,” she continues.

To set the record straight, Georgetown is not feeding into the sex positivity movement and saying kids should physically explore their sexuality with each other. Furthermore, they’re not affirming transgenderism, but rather facilitating a safe environment under the supervision of the Catholic school administration to be housed while they’re still figuring out their identity.


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