It will be fascinating to see what happens in this case once the dust has settled. It could have massive ramifications for Affirmative Action.

Campus Reform reports:

DOJ not buying Harvard’s defense in affirmative action case

The Department of Justice has officially weighed in against Harvard University in a lawsuit accusing the school of discriminating against Asian Americans with its affirmative action efforts.

The DOJ filed an amicus brief Thursday arguing that the case should go to trial and expressing support for the plaintiff, Students for Fair Admissions. The case, Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College, is set to go on trail on October 15, 2018.

The DOJ contends that Harvard has not adequately proven that it does not illegally discriminate by race in its admissions process, and urges the court to reject Harvard’s motion to dismiss the case.

“No American should be denied admission to school because of their race. As a recipient of taxpayer dollars, Harvard has a responsibility to conduct its admissions policy without racial discrimination by using meaningful admissions criteria that meet lawful requirements,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a press release.

“The Department of Justice has the responsibility to protect the civil rights of the American people,” Sessions continued. “This case is significant because the admissions policies at our colleges and universities are important and must be conducted lawfully.”

Notably, the DOJ opened a Title VI investigation against Harvard in 2017 after more than 60 Asian-American organizations filed a complaint alleging discriminatory admissions practices.

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