In-N-Out Burger is a California institution. In fact, my family recently capped off a college tour of that state, and we all ordered Double Double meals!

Yet after it was discovered that the business committed the Democratic Party designated sin of donating to the Republican Party for the upcoming election, the chair of the California Democratic Party thought the smart move was to call for a boycott.

In a statement Thursday, In-N-Out Burger’s executive vice president Arnie Wensinger said the company “has made equal contributions to both Democratic and Republican Political Action Committees in the State of California” in 2018.

Eric Bauman, the chairman of the California Democratic Party, took to social media Wednesday night to call for a boycott in response, writing, “Et tu In-N-Out?”

Nevermind the fact that the chain also donated $50,000 this year to Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy, a pro-business, political action committee founded by Democratic operative David Townsend.

This was a chance for a Democratic Party elite to nail a conservative business, demean the non-elite customer base, and create some social media attention for himself!

The results were predictable to anyone who has been following the real news since November 2016.

First, the boycott met with its own #Resistance among regular Democratic Party supporters.

Anthony Grigore is a Democrat. But as he waited Thursday at an In-N-Out Burger in El Segundo for his meal, Grigore made it clear party loyalty would only go so far.

….“Eating at In-N-Out is such a standard thing to do across California,” Grigore said, dismissing the boycott idea as a bit silly.

Next, the state Democratic Party distanced itself from the boycott demand.

His Thursday tweet calling on Democrats to boycott the In-N-Out burger chain because of the contributions the company has made to Republicans stirred up a rash of jokes, complaints and other responses that left state party officials quickly backing away from their boss.

The tweet “was from his personal account, and it’s not the policy of the California Democratic Party,” said John Vigna, a party spokesman.

Now, other states are trying to poach In-N-Out Burger business!

An Alabama state senator has invited the California-based In-N-Out hamburger chain to his state after some California Democrats called for a boycott of the chain over donations made to the state’s GOP.

State Sen. Phil Williams, a Republican from Rainbow City, Ala., tweeted his invitation Thursday night.

Nearly every conservative I know was planning to head to In-N-Out Burger in a show of support this Labor Day Weekend.

The Democrats and their media minions keep insisting that a #BlueWave is going to strike the nation in November. The data I am collecting, including this response, show that it will be a #RedNovember instead.

Guess what I am going to have for dinner tonight!


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