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University Study Finds Trump Voters Are Unfairly Misrepresented

University Study Finds Trump Voters Are Unfairly Misrepresented

“much of the research conducted on President Trump’s voters is marred by prejudicial designs”

Amazingly, this study was done by a professor at Columbia.

Campus Reform reports:

STUDY: Researchers falsely frame Trump supporters as racists

A new study finds that much of the research conducted on President Trump’s voters is marred by prejudicial designs, distorted data, and outright misrepresentation of Trump’s words.

Led by Musa al-Gharbi, a Columbia University sociologist, “On Social Research in the Age of Trump” analyzes three case studies of academic research on Trump to illustrate the various ways that academics have misrepresented the president and his voter base to the public.

One example of this phenomena can be seen in the April 2017 Washington Post article “Racism motivated Trump voters more than authoritarianism,” by Thomas Wood, who teaches political science classes at Ohio State University.

While Wood cites survey data to claim that Trump voters were especially motivated by racism, a closer analysis by al-Gharbi reveals that Wood’s arguments about Trump voters can’t be substantiated from the data cited in the article.

“According to Wood’s own data, whites who voted for Trump are perhaps less racist than those who voted for Romney,” al-Gharbi explains, adding that “not only were they less authoritarian than Romney voters, but less racist too!”

“Unfortunately, Wood declined to consider how Trump voters differed from Romney voters…instead focusing on the gap between Democrats and Republicans in 2016, in the service of a conclusion his data do not support,” he adds.


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Walker Evans | August 5, 2018 at 6:45 pm

I am a racist.

For over fifty years I have worked to end racism in this country, but that does not matter. I support Donald Trump and his racist views (remember his fight to allow blacks equal access to his golf club in Florida, over the objections of the local politians?). I spent time in jail during the Sixties because I believed that my debate partner, who happened to be gifted with a lot of melanin, deserved to sit with me in the off-campus coffee shop. In subsequent years I worked closely with and supervised people of various ethnic groups and both genders with no problems – at least, none based on any of this. However,I have just discovered that none of this matters, as I am an Old White Male and thus cannot be not bigoted! I am doomed to bigotry by a accident of birth. Therefore …

I am a racist.

Yeah, it’s amazing that snarky kids dare call us racists, because that fits their agenda. I’m certainly not the role model Walker Evans is, but I was thrown out of a South Carolina home when as a kid for talking about a soldier and a young black woman with a baby, who were on the Greyhound on the way down there. A black girl in my class was my BFF in high school. We sat together on the bus and ate lunch together every day in the cafeteria, until other blacks pressured her to stick to her own kind. Lots of little things. Now I’m racist because I’m a patriot. Right.