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UC Berkeley to Offer Course on ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’

UC Berkeley to Offer Course on ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’

“What does the trope of the ‘Good White Person’ do for allyship and conversations around equality?”

No one is willing to admit the obvious about courses like this one. It’s racism. Academic sanctioned racism.

Campus Reform reports:

Berkeley students teach peers about ‘whiteness,’ ‘decolonizing’

This fall, University of California, Berkeley students can learn about “white comfort/coddling,” “decolonizing Palestine,” and making research less “isolating” for “marginalized” students.

The courses in question are offered through UC Berkeley’s DeCal program, which the university describes as “legitimate university courses run by students” that qualify for academic credit and can even fulfill graduation requirements.

In one course, titled Deconstructing Whiteness, students will “confront uncomfortable conversations about privilege and positionality” in order to “understand where white bodies have the responsibility to be in movements against white supremacy and in solidarity with marginalized peoples and groups of color.”

The description makes clear that the course “will not be to coddle white fragility, but to deconstruct and relearn whiteness through case studies, speakers, and intense, critical readings.”

The course syllabus outlines questions to be addressed during the class, such as “How does recentering what we see as violent and violence reposition who needs protection?” “What are liberal whites’ roles in colonization of education?” “What does the trope of the ‘Good White Person’ do for allyship and conversations around equality?” and “What is one way that the history of white people as inherently innocent, and their tradition as ‘natural’ and therefore good, be disrupted?”

The course also addresses “Environmental Racism,” arguing that “food practices [have] been gentrified,” as well as units on “White Comfort/Coddling,” “White Emptiness of Culture/Cultural Appropriation,” and “White Entertainment.”


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Cool! Is there an online version yet?

The Friendly Grizzly | August 29, 2018 at 11:40 am

More nonsense paid for by the taxpayers.

What language are they using in these course descriptions? I speak English very well, but I fail to comprehend this gibberish. “How does recentering … reposition who needs protection?” Huh?

How about a course on “The world without White contributions to science, engineering, medicine, music, art, and literature”?

“allyship” is a seriously triggering word. I have grown to despise it immensely.