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The value of Trump to the Trump voter is that he stands between them and #TheResistance

The value of Trump to the Trump voter is that he stands between them and #TheResistance

My variation on Selena Zito: Right now the value of Trump to the Trump voter is he is all that stands between them and the people who hate them every bit as much as they hate Trump.

The Manhattan (NY County) District Attorney’s office is investigating the Trump Organization for possible criminal violations.

The current NY Attorney General Barbara Underwood, holding the spot temporarily after her anti-Trump predecessor Eric Schneiderman resigned in disgrace, is going after the Trump Foundation.

Democrat candidates for Attorney General are trying to outdo each other with promises that they will be the most aggressive in going after all things Trump if elected.

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, to whom Robert Mueller outsourced investigations so far removed from supposed Russia collusion that even Mueller couldn’t justify keeping them, have taken down the hapless Michael Cohen and clearly have their sights set more broadly on the Trump organization.

Those same prosecutors are digging in the safes of the owner of the National Enquirer for more dirt on Trump or the Trump organizations.

The sharks clearly are circling all things Trump looking for a crime which, even if it can’t remove Trump from the presidency, will put a price tag on anyone associated with Trump.

The media, which is cheering all this, has announced that this was Trump’s worst week, the beginning of the end if not the end. There is a giddiness on anti-Trump media and social media that hasn’t been seen since the Access Hollywood tape.

What’s the likelihood this will make a difference?

Selena Zito in the NY Post doesn’t think it’s going to shake support for Trump, Why Trump’s supporters won’t care about Cohen and Manafort’s convictions:

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s news that both former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his lawyer Michael Cohen were found on the wrong side of the law in separate court cases, the question asked most frequently by the press, Democrats and “Never Trump” Republicans is, “Where do Trump voters go now?”

The answer is the same that it has always been since they first started asking it Nov. 9, 2016: With Trump.

This new conservative populist coalition is not the fluke the political class hoped it was. Donald Trump did not cause it, he is just the result of it, so no matter what he does, it continues. It is predicated on them, not him….

Right now the value of Trump to the Trump voter is he is all that stands between them and handing the keys to Washington back over to the people inside Washington. That’s it. He’s their only option. You’ve got to pick the insiders or him.

I’d use slightly different wording:

Right now the value of Trump to the Trump voter is he is all that stands between them and the people who hate them every bit as much as they hate Trump.

Or if you want an even shorter version, “the Flight 93 Election never ended”:

2016 is the Flight 93 election: charge the cockpit or you die. You may die anyway. You—or the leader of your party—may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane. There are no guarantees.

Except one: if you don’t try, death is certain. To compound the metaphor: a Hillary Clinton presidency is Russian Roulette with a semi-auto. With Trump, at least you can spin the cylinder and take your chances.

Trump voters are berated and belittled with the same ferocity as directed at Trump himself. #TheResistance doesn’t distinguish between Trump and his voters.

We all understand that what is being done to Trump is simply a continuation of the attempt to unwind the 2016 election. And that if they succeed, the IRS abuses against the Tea Party and conservatives will seem like child’s play.

[Featured Image: Trump supporter egged in San Jose, via YouTube]


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As long as the majority of the electorate stands behind President Trump, his (and our) agenda will go forward.

You—or the leader of your party—may make it into the cockpit and not know how to fly or land the plane.

But the question has always been, once you’ve fought your way to the cockpit and put someone in the pilot’s seat—can he fly? The R’s have offered up such a string of non-flyers that it’s hard to whip up much enthusiasm for yet another dud. Fortunately, Trump has at least managed to show that he does indeed know how to fly. But is he a combat pilot? If he’d use his controls to shoot down a few of these bogies & bandits, that would be far more useful than just managing to not crash the plane. Start firing people, investigate criminals, get some indictments; take off the %&*$# kid gloves and show some leadership in the law and order department. Otherwise we’ll have to wait for Bikers for Trump to step up to the plate and start cracking brownshirt heads, and that’s far from the ideal way to do it.

I’ll never forget that picture and the fact that the police stood by and let it happen; actually forced the Trump attendees to walk into the violent mess, encouraging the chaos.

I support the police, but not in liberal towns where the police are the Antifa.

Trump can’t fire Sessions because the Rinos will side with the Dems and Mueller if he does and impeach him… he must wait till the election is over and the Republicans hold

You can do your part by calling your senators and congressman to demand Sessions resignation.

The time to act is now. Spread it around, have friends and family call their representatives NOW

Mueller and Comey have turned the FBI into a criminal club that acts in the interest of itself, government unions, its crony capitalists and its primary outside ally, the Democratic Party. Mueller and Comey have turned the FBI into a surveillance and punishment organization for the deep State, the DOJ is clearly a separate and affiliated criminal enterprise in and of itself.
Isn’t it clear by now that Nellie Ohr edited or wrote the trump dossier and fished the product to Steele to wash it in ‘Russian’ hands and then send it back? That the Ohrs worked with Rosenstein and his wife to make all this happen? A great and fun game …… and then Trump was actually elected in the midst of their half-ass plot.
Which they desperately needed to cover up. So turned the same into a coup. And here we are.
And the most incompetent FBI director that ever served, Mueller, is in charge of saving his best friends, Comey and Rosenstein as well as Rosesenstein’s wife and the others who have reaped money by selling influence and recruiting more into the swamp.

Trump should have fired Rosenstein, he would have gotten a twofer, as Sessions threatened to resign if the Deep State Rosenstein was fired.

Of course Roddy should have been brought to impeachment by the Republicans, as he is not doing his job. The man is almost as weasely as Strzok, and that is a high bar to cross.

Hillary was going to guarantee hefty payments to many of these same characters who are involved with this investigation being run in gestapo like manner. Rosenstein has a vested interest in the cover up, Mueller was tainted with passing on information he knew about Bubba Clinton taking the bribe of “speaking fees” and donations to the Criminal Clinton Foundation to allow Uranium One to proceed, even though his knowledge of it would have stopped it dead in it’s tracks.

Sessions might be someone who respects the law, but his priorities are screwed up. What the hell has he done as AG? Is this the role he is supposed to take? I think not. The FBI is acting as if they are above the law, and not answerable to mere politicians, even though that was never the intent of their organization. The IRS got away with breaking the law by being weaponized by Obama. Hillary got away with multiple crimes for decades, and still walks free, while they went from dead broke to being worth well north of 100 million dollars.

Where is Sessions with his love for the law? Does it only side with the Deep State and the Globalist NWO? I am sick of this. They are playing with fire, and have been since before Trump was elected, since he was spied on by the Obama administration which makes Watergate look like a kindergarten affair.

If they win, this country is not going to fair well. If they win, we will be worse than Venezuela currently is.

It is more than Trump being all that stands between Trump supporters and the resistance, it is about returning to less corruption and respect for our Constitution. It is about justice being equal despite the party affiliation you have. I despise the left, and it is getting to a point where the right will end up treating them as they are treating us because there is only so much crap you can take.

Enough is enough. If they want a fight, they very well may get one, and I don’t think it will end well for anyone.

    puhiawa in reply to oldgoat36. | August 24, 2018 at 11:27 pm

    Research Rosensteins wife. It is a demonstration of how deep the the Deep State is. She has represented the Clintons, Comey, and Mueller in personal affairs. She is as deep in this as Nellie Ohr, a personal friend of hers. She directs, to this day I believe, the flow of hundreds of millions of tax dollars by acting as the communication conduit from one entity to the other. She is in contact with every crooked Federal judge, Commissioner, and administrator in the Democratic Party camp.
    Trump was had.

    Sessions is either full of sh-t or a moron.

    He’s no moron.

    But he is a believer in two-tier justice system.

    Imagine the dirt the left must have on him.

    What a dirty POS sessions revealed himself to be.

    The ultimate sinister character in all this.

I’m old enough to remember when investigations were started after evidence of a crime was discovered. Now, investigations are being started in order to find (or manufacture) evidence of a crime. I seem to recall certain other organizations that operated in a similar fashion – the Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del, the Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti, the Staatssicherheitsdienst, among others…

I used to think the Flight 93 essay was overblown tripe. But now I wonder if there wasn’t a segment of the right that had more daily contact with the left and could see what was coming.

Facebook censored that article she wrote for the Post.

legacyrepublican | August 25, 2018 at 12:14 am

I think it is time for us to demand AG Sessions go after Hillary. Trump can demand it all he wants, but the people need to stand up for it.

By that I mean we have to protest peacefully and demand that the hypocrisy of not investigating the Clinton Foundation, the Emails, and Uranium One be done with a special prosecutor.

It has to be a million plus person march on D.C. kind of protest.

Can you imagine the crowds from the rallies showing up on the doorstep of the FBI et al unified with one voice “Drain the Swamp!”

Just a thought.

Call your Senators and Congressman, DEMAND they call for Sessions resignation

Time to get loud folks.

    The head of the snake has turned out to be Sessions.

    Cut it off.

    MarkS in reply to gonzotx. | August 25, 2018 at 7:47 am

    Yesterday morning during a shout-fest on Fox, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz stated that while in Congress AG Sessions told him that his refusal to prosecute Bryan Pagliano was because he was too close to Hillary Clinton. And this is the man who wants to keep politics out of the DOJ?

I want every Clinton, Obama, Holder or all Dem or Rep criminal in corrupt Washington to be investigated and jailed. The Swamp is too cute word for the gaggle of crime bosses “in charge”.


The indictment of a sitting President by a State District Attorney or Attorney General would cause a Constitutional conundrum not seen since the Civil War. I fact, it could very well start a new Civil War.

Two thoughts…

1. I don’t recognize “A” “trump voter”. Instead, I see a very mixed pallet of people who voted for…or now support…Duh Donald. They range from the complete cultist to people who actually didn’t vote for him, but would today, with various hues and shades in between.

2. Who is Mike Pence?

Party lines have been blurred. I think that, to the majority of Trump supporters, the GOPe, Progressives and conservaTard Never Trumper’s are all parts of the same problem.

In the last election, many said they held their noses to vote for Trump. This time, the question is whether they will hold their noses and vote GOPe.

    Ragspierre in reply to VaGentleman. | August 25, 2018 at 7:37 am

    “I think that, to the majority of Trump supporters, the GOPe, Progressives and conservaTard Never Trumper’s are all parts of the same problem.”

    That’s an opinion. I see little support for it. I also see no definition of your pejorative terms. They are meaningless.

    “In the last election, many said they held their noses to vote for Trump. This time, the question is whether they will hold their noses and vote GOPe.”

    In fact, they will be encouraged by T-rump to vote for what you call the “GOPe”. Just as they have been.

      VaGentleman in reply to Ragspierre. | August 25, 2018 at 8:58 am

      rags rote:
      That’s an opinion.
      Yes. Was your first clue that I began it with ‘I think’?

      You object to ‘conservaTard Never Trumper’. I think (another opinion) that it’s an accurate description of them. During the 16 general election, they advocated Trump’s defeat but failed to offer any alternative that would prevent Clinton’s election. When asked to explain how that was better for conservativism, their only answer was ‘Trump is a jerk’. Yet they continued to advocate his defeat. They attacked any conservative who disagreed with them, insulting their character and intelligence [T-rump sucker, turd swirl, … I’m sure you remember all the pejoratives they employed]. Apparently they thought they could convince people one insult at a time; that’s retarded thinking. It’s like they didn’t want to win. They still offer no alternative, just a constant refrain – Trump is a jerk, Trump is a jerk…

      What a great thought question that would be. They offered no alternative and had no explanation except that Trump is a jerk. Were they really after a conservative victory? Or were they more interested in a defeat that proved their ‘greater’ conservative committment? [I was/am more pure than you who sold out.]

      We will know the answer in 2 years. If they actually have anything to offer, they’ll have a viable candidate for 20 who is ‘true’ conservative, and can win at the national level. To do that they will have to quit insulting people and start convincing them. And if they can’t do that, will they again ask us all to commit suicide? What will matter is what they do, not what you and I say.

        G. de La Hoya in reply to VaGentleman. | August 25, 2018 at 10:33 am

        You hit the nail on the head: “at the national level”. I have always said that I was a Cruz fan but there was no way in hell he could succeed at the national level. MSM won the negative branding war on him years prior. History does not remember the Backbenchers. Rumor has it Bob Dole is polling well with the Chamber of Commerce-Country/Social Clubber types 😉

          Bob Dole would do well in the post-Obama era…all he needs is a phone and he’s ready to lead.

          VaGentleman in reply to G. de La Hoya. | August 25, 2018 at 2:36 pm

          MSM won the negative branding war on him years prior.

          That’s an interesting point. A good part of Trump’s success is that he fought back and they couldn’t brand him – he branded them as ‘fake news’,

          I, too was a Cruz supporter, but doubted he could overcome his branding and win.

      Arminius in reply to Ragspierre. | August 27, 2018 at 1:20 pm

      I see this and and I want to fight. I’m sure I am going to lose. Soon to be 56, I am sure I am going to get my head caved in and my jaws divided on the curb. But as stupid as it is, I want to fight.

      Who knows? I don’t know if I don’t try. Maybe I could win. You tell me. This shall not stand. I don’t care if I’m ninety.

all systems of governance, once entrenched it’s a matter of sustaining power and privilege. what we are seeing now is that the ruling elite have decided which constituency of plebs will be most useful to that end.

You don’t have to be or have been a Trump supporter to be attacked by Dem-media, which is the loudest voice of the left or the nutters elected by the left, academic nincompoops or the Twitter mobs. All you have to do is say that you don’t find him as bad as you thought he would be or that he’s better than Hillary would have been.

I’m an Independent and not a Democrat because I cannot imagine suspending my ability to think for myself enough to go along with many of their toxic, moronic, repulsive ideas or the clowns they elect to implement their “toxic, moronic, repulsive ideas”. From multi-gender to socialism to infanticide I could NEVER vote for a Democrat. Even the few remaining moderate ones would almost always vote with the crazy majority.

That leaves me with the Republicans. Sad second choice. But voting, at least in 2016 Green or for that idiot Gary Johnson or Jill Stein was out of the question. Instead I voted for that idiot McMullen.

Trump has been better than I would have thought and pretty good if he could just keep his mouth shut most of the time.

The rest? The Dem-Media, the NeverTrump, most of the Republican Party have been so much worse than expected I am stunned.

Where do you go when there is no good choices?

    tom_swift in reply to kenoshamarge. | August 25, 2018 at 3:36 pm

    and pretty good if he could just keep his mouth shut most of the time.

    Even after all this time, you still don’t understand Trump as a political phenomenon.

    If he shut up, he’d be no more effective than any other recent Republican president. He’s the man they can’t shut up. He’s immune to the tricks Leftoids have perfected over the past decades, tricks which usually work to stifle criticism and dissent, normalize their own perverted notions, and turn the country into an intellectual and legal wilderness.

    There are things which need to be said, and the man who can’t be shut up is saying them. President Trump is the man who finally—finally!—realizes the potential of the Bully Pulpit. And—disappointing to some, refreshing and energizing to others—he doesn’t waste it on mellifluous, focus-group-tested pap fed to him on a teleprompter, but straightforward truths the world needs to hear.

      Matt_SE in reply to tom_swift. | August 26, 2018 at 2:24 am

      You’ve made an important point.
      I was having a conversation with my mother about Trump, and her attitude is probably typical of many, many people: she likes his policies but doesn’t like the man.

      In her case, the personal dislike of Trump is almost enough to make her stop supporting him. She’s right on the fence.

      What she doesn’t get is that Trump HAS to be that way. Being a sort of anti-hero allows him to avoid the Republican shame trap that the left uses. The GOPe is full of milquetoast patsies who can be shamed into silence. That makes them ineffective.

      That’s not the case with Trump.

      What many people like my mom don’t get is that the policy wars are insignificant next to the culture wars that are going on in the U.S. Trump is the first president since Reagan who is pushing back on leftist culture. That’s probably more important than any other contribution he’s made.

    Arminius in reply to kenoshamarge. | August 27, 2018 at 2:51 pm

    Yes, but the current wisdom is that some people get attacked by mistake. Implying that it is OK to attack others on purpose.

I was talking to my 36 year old son who works in the world of Hollywood and lives with the lowest of low liberals. He has to watch what he says to keep his movie related jobs. But he talks to me when he needs to vent about what is going on. He asked me what I thought was the scariest thing in my lifetime considering that I had been to war, watched the moon landing, lived through the Cuban missile crisis etc. I told him it was the thought that hillary almost had been elected. If that monster had been elected, all of the obama corruption in the federal government would have been covered up and made worse! Our way and form of government would have never recovered. She would have doubled down on the politicisation of the agencies to be directed by her and her gang of crooks. With just a little effort they could have manipulated the elections from that time on. And now we learn that all of the social media combined are talking about how they can change the votes of 11,000,000 voters in the next election! Imagine if hillary was working in consort with them what she could do to our voting system! Can we say goodbye to the Republican party?

Got an email earlier today from a friend who attached a picture of a $20 bill with a rubber stamped in red “Donald Trump lives here ==>” next to the White House on the back. That is definitely a gift that will keep on giving. I wonder if they sell them in Portland? 😉

Like many (most?) Trump supporters, I never ever thought I would end up voting for Trump. But as soon as he announced his candidacy, heads started exploding everywhere. I was a Cruz supporter. But he quickly proved to be so unprepared and so unlikable that it was easy to switch to supporting Trump. Knowing that a Trump victory represented a multi-billion dollar bonfire of establishment money was a major motivator for me.

Upon being elected, all masks dropped as the establishment panicked as “both” democrat parties dissolved into one chaotic, vulgar mob. No one who voted for Trump believes for even one second that his enemies are revealing anything about Trump that we didn’t know before. The fact that they have become single-minded in organizing the “justice” system to focus ONLY on Trump despite so many best-selling books having been written about the real bipartisan systemic corruption makes it impossible to change our minds.

If Trump were to somehow be removed, we would vote for a steaming pile of excrement before EVER voting for another Clinton/Bush/Obama….. establishment crook. We get it. It’s now time for them to get it. It’s not about Trump. It’s about US and WE won in 2016! We won’t have OUR victory stolen from us by the establishment “Lord of the Flies” children who lost the election.

    Matt_SE in reply to Pasadena Phil. | August 26, 2018 at 2:33 am

    The scary thing is that you may not be given a choice.

    People wonder how McCain kept getting re-elected in AZ. He’s disliked quite a bit here, so how did it keep happening? The answer is “monopoly tactics.” There are all sorts of tricks the establishment uses to bias the odds, but their main trick is not giving voters an alternative choice.

    McCain kept getting re-elected because every election came down to a choice between him or an even worse Democrat. The establishment is trying to do the same thing in the current race with the super squish McSally. If elected, she’ll be a female McCain.

    Anyway, what’s true in AZ is probably true in every other GOP-run state as well. The GOPe is run like a union for politicians.

Until there exists another politician willing to build the wall, I’m sticking with Trump.

Of course we don’t care about the unprecedented attacks on President Trump by the Deep State and their media minions … We Trump supporters quit listening to the lying leftist fake stream enemedia years ago because we know they’re nothing but a bunch of lying, anti-Trump propagandists promoting the Democrat Party … so of course we don’t care what bullshit the lying leftist fake stream enemedia is spewing ..

the lying leftist fake stream enemedia has finally reaped what’s it been sowing for the last three years: namely complete lost of all credibility; no one who’s truly been paying attention listens to them anymore … they can cry wolf falsely only so many times until no one believes them anymore … and that time has finally arrived for the lying leftist fake stream enemedia: they’ve cried wolf hundreds of times every day for three years now and every speck of their credibility is gone forever and can never be recovered … ever …

What we DO care about is President Trump’s many accomplishments:

1. President Trump and the GOP waved their magic wands (as Obama ironically put it during the 2016 election) and produced a booming economy in less than two years in power. This Trump/GOP economy is one of the best economies since WWII, and one that quickly materialized, even after decades of chronic under-performance and low-level recession during the lackluster Bush/Obama decades. Voters vote their pocketbooks more than any other issues by far, and a booming economy is always bad news for the party that’s out of power.

2. The Trump/GOP major tax reform has directly benefited we regular folks, as well as super-charging our economy. And best of all, most of the benefits of tax reform have yet to even arrive, e.g., hundreds of billions of repatriated profits still are arriving onto our shores from the rest of the world and have yet to be invested into new domestic manufacturing infrastructure.

3. Worker pay and benefits are climbing at the fastest pace than any time during the last ten years.

4. In less than two years, President Trump’s economic policies have added 3.7 million jobs to the U.S. economy and precipitated the longest job growth streak in U.S. history. The jobless rate for Americans age 16 to 24 hit a 50-year low this summer. President Trump’s economy has resulted in the lowest black unemployment rate in history at under 6%, the lowest Hispanic unemployment rate in history, and the highest female unemployment in 65 years. Guidant Financial reports that black-owned business ownership increased 400% during the first 18 months of the Trump Administration. Polls have shown significant increases of support for President Trump from those groups of voters (currently at 36% support from blacks), groups who are normally the bedrock of Democrat support, and this growth alone could spell doom for the Democrats.

5. Food stamp enrollment is at an eight year low.

6. Consumer confidence is almost at an 18 year high. The IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index shows Americans feel better about their own personal finances than in any other month, save one, in the nearly 18-year polling history.

7. The Small Business Optimism Index marked its second highest level in the survey’s 45-year history.

8. In less than two years, President Trump’s and the Congressional GOP’s economic policies have produced the highest stock market in history, and oil/gas production are at the highest level in U.S. history.

9. President Trump and the GOP Congress eliminated the vile, costly and counterproductive Obamacare mandate, which required people to pay a fine for the privilege of not buying nearly useless, overpriced medical insurance. Also eliminated was the grossly unfair inheritance tax, a tax that has been responsible for destroying more successful small businesses than any other factor.

10. National obamacare premium increases are expected to average only 5% for 2019, the lowest on record, according to, which is an agressive supporter of obamacare.

11. President Trump’s temporary punitive tariffs have panicked the EU into complete capitulation on the issue of tariff-free fair trade, with Canada and China soon to follow. Mexico is not far behind with U.S. threats of withdrawing from NAFTA all together if Mexico doesn’t cooperate on the issue of fair trade. At this point, our foreign trading partners now know for a fact that President Trump is serious about forcing fair trade and that he will not hesitate to take whatever actions are necessary to bring that about, even if some of those actions might temporarily be antithetical to some segments of the U.S. economy.

12. President Trump and the GOP Congress have implemented massive deregulation of industry.

13. Counterproductive CAFE auto fleet mileage standards that are extremely harmful to our auto industry are on the verge of being rolled back by President Trump’s EPA.

14. President Trump’s EPA has eliminated scientifically-baseless carbon regulations that have pointlessly stifled U.S. energy production and thereby raised the cost of living for everyone in the U.S.

15. President Trump has probably made AND kept more campaign promises than any other President in U.S. history. President Trump has kept his campaign promises on dozens of issues, including killing the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership, withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement nonsense, withdrawing from the odious and unconscionable Iranian “deal”, and halting payment of U.S. foreign aid to U.S. enemies like Palestinian terrorists. Implementing such a massive number of campaign promises, and without backtracking or equivocating, is essentially unprecedented in U.S. history. It’s extremely rare for any politician to keep their campaign promises (especially Republicans), and keeping campaign promises inspires confidence in the integrity of those who keep their promises, as well as eliminating one of the main impetuses for the majority party to lose Congressional majorities in midterm elections.

16. President Trump has put warriors back in charge of war and made warfare the principle aim of the military instead of promoting various social justice ideologies, thus reinvigorating the U.S. as the world’s sole superpower and diminishing the probabilities of war via a much stronger hand to achieve peace through strength.

17. President Trump instructed his military to QUICKLY destroy ISIS, but has otherwise kept us out of foreign wars, as well as eschewing fruitless and ridiculously expensive “nation building” exercises in corrupt, dictatorial third world countries that can barely keep the power on and the water running, much less give a tinker’s damn about democratic elections.

18. President Trump has forced NATO nations to pay billions more of their agreed-upon share of expenses, with more billions to come.

19. President Trump has been playing hardball at every juncture at the U.N., including a projected 24% reduction in U.S. payments to the U.N.

20. President Trump is a strong supporter of Israel, including moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

21. President Trump has strong relationships with Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

22. President Trump’s North Korean denuclearization efforts are headed in the right direction so far, e.g., North Korean rocket engine testing infrastructure is currently being dismantled, and Korean War KIA remains are being repatriated.

23. President Trump halted unvetted immigration from terrorists countries and implemented extreme vetting for all legal immigration, greatly reducing the influx of America-hating Muslims, as well as greatly reducing the pool of radicalized terrorists.

24. President Trump has cracked down on illegal immigration in general, stemming the flood from our southern border.

25. President Trump’s policies have resulted in deporting MS-13 and other drug-dealing gang-members and many other criminal illegal aliens as well.

26. President Trump and the GOP Senate have already appointed one strict Constitutionalist to the U.S. Supreme Court, with a second strict Constitutionalist soon to follow.

27. President Trump and the GOP Senate have appointed 51 Federal judges to date.

28. Polls repeatedly show that the GOP is more trusted on economic and national security issues than the Democrats.

29. Polls consistently show that voters don’t care very much about issues that the leftist fake stream enemedia and the Democrat Party are pushing. The great majority of voters pretty much care only about a robust economy and out-of-control illegal immigration according to a recent Gallup poll.

30. President Trump’s approval numbers are higher at this point than Obama’s were at this same time in his first term, despite the leftist fake stream enemedia’s universal adulation of Obama then and their universal hatred of Trump now.

31. President Trump has implacably fought back against the leftist fake stream enemedia, driving them to such extremes of rage that they have now essentially destroyed themselves for all time by losing credibility with we regular folks and losing their ability to convince people of the truthfulness of their fabricated “news”. The term “fake news” has now forever entered the lexicon of American politics. (Thank you, President Trump!)

32. President Trump has nearly destroyed the 1984ish Newspeak “politically correct” restrictions on free speech that the leftists have been perpetuating for decades as a means to limit people’s ability to speak the plain truth. (Thank you AGAIN, President Trump!)

33. President Trump has exposed the Bushite/GOPe/RINO/Globalist/anti-Trumper pretend-“conservatives” as being toadies of the globalist oligarchs and plutocrats and NOT the champions of the people that they’ve always pretended they were, thus destroying the non-Democrat half of the REAL party of the wildly wealthy, namely the GOPe/Democrat “Uniparty”.

34. President Trump’s election and the Clinton’s resultant loss of their singular iron grip on the Democrat Party has effectively broken the Democrat Party for the time being. The Democrat Party essentially has no platform other than “Trump is evil and must be destroyed at all costs”. Even worse, the Democrat Party has now lost all party discipline, splintering into internecine warfare and enabling its lunatic and radical socialist, anti-capitalist, anti-law-and-order, anti-border, anti-nationalist, and anti-American wings free rein to dominate the national media and national conversation, thus exposing the Democrat Party to the nation-at-large as a radical, anti-American party that’s totally antithetical to traditional American values still cherished by the great majority of our citizens.

35. Recent polls have shown that younger voting generations are now equally split in support of Republicans and Democrats, which is completely unprecedented from their past overwhelming support of Democrats; recent polls have also shown that younger voters are also unlikely to vote in great numbers in midterm elections. Youngsters have traditionally been supporters of Democrats, so both these sets of polls are bad news for the Democrats.

36. The Democrat Party is having extreme difficulty with fundraising at the national level, while the national GOP has record fundraising.

37. Since 2016, Congressional Democrats have continuously demonstrated that they are completely unwilling to assist in governing our nation and have demonstrated their contempt for the well-being of our people, instead adopting strident, scorched earth policies of obfuscation, propaganda, lies, and “resistance”, no matter how badly such behavior may hurt our citizens and our nation. A good case in point was when the “Right to Try” bill, designed to give dying patients one last chance via the use of experimental drugs, was opposed by 147 House Democrats.

38. The leftist fake stream media, Hollywood “celebrities”, and Democrat leaders like Maxine Waters have deliberately encouraged an environment of extreme public hostility, have abandoned all norms of civil behavior, have publicly hounded and attacked all who disagree with them, and have attempted to stifle freedom of speech at every turn, even provoking weak-minded individuals into extreme violence, such as the attempted assassinations of Congressional Republicans at the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity in 2017. These acts simply do not inspire the average voter to want to put these kinds of people back into power.

39. More Americans than ever find Democrats out of the mainstream: a recent NBC/WSJpoll showed just 33 percent of those surveyed think the Democratic Party is “in the mainstream.”, while 56% consider them out of step. And it’s no wonder that the Democrat Party is wildly out of sync with the attitudes of the vast majority of we regular folks: they overtly promote open borders and encourage floods of illegal immigrants who do not speak, understand, or write English and who depress wages and soak up tens of billions of dollars of free medical care and welfare paid by we taxpayers. Nearly two-thirds of the public oppose “sanctuary cities”, while less than a third say they back the policy, according to a IBD/TIPP Poll.

Democrats also oppose the right of we regular folks to own firearms for self-protection, oppose Voter ID, proclaim the desire to repeal the wildly popular and wildly effective GOP tax reform, advocate impeaching President Trump solely because they refuse to accept that Trump won the election, and propose abolishing ICE, which is the agency that protects our borders and also vets imported goods to prevent the import of weapons of mass destruction and counterfeit and/or dangerous goods. Perhaps worst of all, Democrats support the insane promotion of so-called “sanctuary cities”, in which violent, drug-dealing illegal alien gang-members and all other violent predatory illegal alien felons are protected from deportation so that they can continue to prey on we regular folks …

40. Private-sector rank-and-file union members are no longer knee-jerk supporters of the Democrats, finally realizing that Democrat (and Bushite) economic policies have been designed to flood the U.S. market with cheap illegal alien labor while at the same time driving manufacturing offshore to 3rd world countries with cheap labor supplies of their own, whereas President Trump and the Congressional GOP have been implementing policies to reverse these destructive trends. Additionally, a recent Supreme Count decision has eliminated public sector unions from extorting money from non-union public sector workers via the forced garnishment of union dues from government paychecks, with the result that these unions will be deprived of tens of millions of ill-gained dollars that they’ve been funneling to Democrat candidates, as well as facing the loss of hundreds of thousands of members who joined only because they had to pay anyway whether or not they were members.

41. A recent poll shows 76% of U.S. voters will not vote for a socialist candidate, an unpleasant result for Democrats who are busily making socialism the newest de facto plank in the Democrat platform.

42. President Trump’s successes and Democrat’s excesses have triggered the “walkaway” movement with Democrats of every generation, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status leaving the Democrat party in highly public ways.

43. President Trump’s supporters are more enthusiastic about Trump than ever before, including prior to the 2016 election. Many voted for Trump reluctantly, some simply in reaction to the awful choice of Hillary Clinton as the alternative, but had low expectations that Trump would keep his promises and/or govern effectively. President Trump has kept his promises and proved that he can govern very effectively, and thus has moved many doubtful supporters into the enthusiastic-supporter column. Republican voter approval of President Trump is also at astonishingly high level, higher even than during the election.

44. Election polls are likely to continue to under-count President Trump voters like they did in 2016. Aside from the rigged nature of many of these polls in which tricks are used like oversampling Democrats, an even bigger problem is that many of President Trump’s supporters jealously guard their privacy and refuse to participate in polls, assuming that they can even be contacted by telephone in the first place. An additional factor to the reluctance of President Trump’s supporters to participate in such polls is the extreme hostility the fascist left and their leftist fake stream enemedia allies have engendered, making President Trump’s supporters even more reluctant to discuss their preferences with strangers than during the 2016 election.

45. President Trump has committed himself heart and soul into assuring that Congressional Republicans continue to hold majorities in both Houses come 2019 (including a likely increase of their Senate majority) by traveling and holding campaign rallies several times a week until the November 6th election. Trump’s rallies were a major part of Trump’s success in being elected President in 2016, and the enthusiasm for attendance at his rallies has only increased since then. President Trump’s 2018 rallies, though staged locally, are being broadcast live to the entire nation by Fox News Channel, thereby providing both state-wide and national exposure to Republican candidates who would never otherwise be able to obtain that amount of positive media exposure. President Trump is probably making the best use of the Presidential bully pulpit in U.S. history.

Who did thus:

Apparently Amazon has a phone center in Jamaica. I think I charmed her. I know she charmed me. We spent like 10 minutes on the phone, laughing. Especially when my order went through which meant I didn’t need to call at all.

Now I’m hungry for Jerk Chicken.

You can’t get Jamaican take out in Plano.

what world.

“If they win, this country is not going to fair well..” No truer words. This country will not fair well if they win. And they split my skull.