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Temporary Dorm Spaces at Purdue University Compared to Prison

Temporary Dorm Spaces at Purdue University Compared to Prison

“something out of a prison setup, or boot camp”

The school is short on rooms, so they’ve gotten creative to house multiple students. The rooms don’t look like prison cells.

6 ABC reports:

Purdue University being slammed for temporary dorm set-up

College dorms can range from pretty basic to pretty posh, depending on your college.

However, the latest photos of the temporary dorms at Purdue University in Indiana have people saying they look like something out of a prison setup, or boot camp.

Purdue Exponent, the student-run paper at the university posted photos of the dorms on Instagram.

They write, “with an excess of admitted students, Purdue University Residences continues to place some students in makeshift rooms in the basements and study lounges of residence halls around campus.

See the photos below:


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First World problems are the worst kind of problems.

Morning Sunshine | August 22, 2018 at 6:07 pm

DU-UDE – it looks like a dorm. bare-bones bed, desk, chair, some sort of clothing-holder. Don’t like it? Get an off-campus apartment.

This cracks me up. My first year in college I lived in a WWII army barracks. My room was 8’x 12′ and the bathroom/showers were down the walkway in the middle. What a bunch of pussies…

When I was 19 I was sharing a large room with 80 other men for ten weeks in something called “boot camp.” Didn’t have anyone I could go whining to in order to get an upgrade in my room and board.

I survived.

During the years I was at Purdue, there was a housing shortage. I lived in a “suite,” where they put a door across the hallway, enclosing the last 4 rooms at each end of a hallway, and adding in 2 more students. So the 10 residents agreed among themselves whether the extra students lived in one of the 4 rooms, or in the hallway. This was a year-long arrangement, and we became very close. Some dorms had over-flow students living in the basement areas, on bunk beds. I knew kids who slept in their cars. One girl slept on my floor 2 nights. Every year,some new students didn’t show up,and some left after a few weeks, creating openings in the rooms. Meanwhile, Indiana State had an empty dorm tower.
I didn’t realize it was the responsibility of the university to house 100% of the students. Many chose off campus housing.
What’s “typical,” is this writer’s response: over-reaction, hyperventilating, elitist, out-of-context, click-baiting…..All the things wrong with online social media.

Surprised there were no claims of racism, sexism, bigotry, et cetera.

The folks comparing these rooms to “boot camp” have clearly never been to boot camp!

I’ve seen worse at some hotels in Manhattan.

If you think this is a horrible problem wait until you graduate. Or not. It’s all downhill from here for you.