The left’s ideas are so great that they have to be mandatory.

Campus Reform reports:

Task force suggests ‘compulsory social justice training’

A “Social Justice Task Force” is recommending that SUNY Plattsburgh make wide-ranging and potentially costly efforts to promote “diversity and inclusion” on campus.

In March, the State University of New York at Plattsburgh created a Social Justice Task Force as a response to a outrage over a racist snapchat sent by a student. The task force was charged with “helping college leadership better understand matters of social justice, ensuring all voices are heard,” and articulating “further action steps the college should undertake and/or what other factors should be considered” in order to achieve this goal.

The task force issued its final report in an August 1 memo addressed to University President Dr. John Ettling, outlining 20 specific recommendations for promoting social justice both rhetorically and financially.

Before introducing its suggestions, the memo identifies seven “key precepts of social justice” that the task force devised based on conversations with “campus and community stakeholders.”

According to the task force, social justice means that “a community must foster access to positive experiences and productive opportunities for all of its members,” as well as “ensure the rights of all of its members” because “marginalized groups are entitled to have their voices heard.”

“Wrongs and harm are to be righted in a way free of blame and judgment,” the document continues, adding that “members of a community must exhibit consistent recognition of the inherent worth, dignity, and contribution of each person in that community.”