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Student Workers at Swarthmore Planning to Unionize Over ‘Labor Exploitation’

Student Workers at Swarthmore Planning to Unionize Over ‘Labor Exploitation’

“United Undergraduate Workers of Swarthmore”

The tipping point for this is the discontinuation of a policy that paid students to host prospective students.

Campus Reform reports:

Student workers attempt to unionize, claim ‘labor exploitation’

A group of college students announced on August 17 that they will attempt to form a union of “undergraduate workers” in order to push back against “labor exploitation.”

The students are from Swarthmore College, a small liberal arts school near Philadelphia. The name of their union will be the United Undergraduate Workers of Swarthmore (UUWS), and they will begin to collect member signups on September 10.

According to the student-run newspaper Voices, UUWS is being introduced as a direct result of a recent decision by the Swarthmore administration to end its practice of paying students to host prospective students and to instead run the program on a volunteer basis.

Swarthmore Vice President and Dean of Admissions Jim Bock announced the decision via email on August 9, saying that in lieu of financial compensation, student hosts will now receive “Swarthmore swag” for their trouble.

Campus Reform obtained a copy of Bock’s email from the Swarthmore Interim Director of Communications Mark Anskis.

The email, addressed to past student hosts, explains that the school conducted surveys revealing that 75 percent of respondents claimed they were “not influenced, or were influenced very little, to do so because of possible payment, and that they would have volunteered to host without payment.”


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