This is where allowing college students to unionize ultimately leads. Who couldn’t see this coming?

The College Fix reports:

Student union occupies UC Berkeley dean’s office for better pay, police ‘demilitarization’

Members of the UC Student-Workers Union, or United Auto Workers Local 2865, gathered at UC Berkeley’s Sproul Hall yesterday to protest against low wages.

However, about half of those in attendance separated from the main group and proceeded to occupy the office of Dean Fiona Doyle, the vice provost for Graduate Studies. There, they made demands including “greater protections for sexual assault victims and immigrant workers, police demilitarization and child care subsidies,” according to The Daily Californian.

A simultaneous protest took place at UCLA.

“We’re here to try to push the administration to recognize our demands,” said Layne Frechette, a member of the union and former campus graduate student instructor. “We’re grad students — we teach, we research, we produce a lot of the stuff that makes the university the place it is.”