We have written many times about how the Tamimi Clan from Nabi Saleh presents a false image to willing western leftist dupes.

The image the Tamimis present, which is lapped up by visiting activists, is of a peaceful, non-violent family struggling against the evil Israelis. The reality is quite different.

Here are a small sample of our posts exposing the true nature of the Tamimis:

Ahed Tamimi, with her flowing blond hair, has been the media star of the Tamimi media operation since early childhood.

Ahed was arrested last December for attacking an Israeli soldier, advancing her media status.

We also exposed how Ahed herself expressed support for terror:

Ahed was recently released after 8 months in prison, to additional media hoopla.

As if there were any doubt of Ahed’s true sentiments (and those of her family), Ahed just appeared on Lebanese TV to salute and pledge support for Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah.

Elder of Ziyon had the story first, including the full video:

Al Jadeed TV broadcast a fawning video, complete with romantic footage of Tamimi’s shouting at amused soldiers when she was younger.

In the video, Tamimi thanks Nasrallah for his support of her while in prison, and says that his support of the Palestinian cause raises the morale of many Palestinians.

The Times of Israel has more, including a captioned and translated clip via MEMRI:

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi thanked the head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group for praising her “brave and courageous” striking of an Israeli soldier….

In a clip broadcast on Lebanese television Tuesday, Tamimi thanked Hassan Nassrallah for his support, which she said “makes us grow stronger.”

“[Nasrallah’s] words boosted our morale – not just my morale, but the morale of many people, because I represent the people. I’m not just representing myself, but the people and the cause,” Tamimi said, according to a translation from MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute.

“This was in support of the entire Palestinian people, not just me,” she

“We all support him and are proud,” she said of Nasrallah, whose Iran-backed group has been responsible for killing hundreds of people in terror attacks, among them many Israelis and Jews, and is committed to Israel’s destruction.

“I’d like to salute him, to thank him for his support, and to tell him that he always makes us grow stronger,” she said.

Here’s the key sequence:




Here’s the MEMRI video:


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