Has-been talk-show host and former actor Rosie O’Donnell is trolling President Trump.

Reports are circulating that O’Donnell, whose only claims to fame in recent years are allegations of illegal campaign donations and divorcing her wife, will be joining some protest at which gaggles of #Resistance protesters will sing Broadway tunes in the general direction of the White House.

Considering that O’Donnell was engaged in a high-profile “feud” with Trump years prior to his ascending to the presidency of these United States, this seems a clear attempt to troll the president into resurrecting that childish feud.

The Hill reports:

Rosie O’Donnell is leading Broadway stars for a protest outside the White House that will have them belting out songs from “Les Miserables” and other musicals.

The former “The View” co-host and Broadway performer will lead fellow entertainers from various Broadway shows at Monday’s protest, O’Donnell’s spokeswoman confirmed to ITK.

The group will perform songs such as “A Brand New Day” from “The Wiz” and “The Sound of Music” tune “Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” according to The Associated Press.

The protest is reportedly being organized by Broadway veteran and SiriusXM host Seth Rudetsky and husband James Wesley.

Since few outside of NYC or Hollywood have ever heard of Rudetsky or Wesley, they are clearly hitching their star to former star O’Donnell.  The move is cynical, though.  O’Donnell, as her talk show career was flagging, engaged in a public feud with Trump, so this stunt seems to be an attempt to troll the president and prompt him to respond to O’Donnell.

Then-candidate Trump even joked about the O’Donnell “feud” during the GOP primary debates.


Here’s the thing:  no one cares.  We all knew about the Trump-O’Donnell feud in 2016, and he won anyway.  I wasn’t a fan of that exchange, but I still voted for Trump over the only available alternative.  Today, I would enthusiastically cast my vote for President Trump, so this trolling stunt, even if it achieved its goal of goading the president into making unsavory comments, is a waste of time.  He’s coarse, we know that.  And we elected him anyway.

The president should enjoy the free concert and ponder how far he’s come since that pointless feud.


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