This reinforces the idea that leftism is a religion unto itself.

Campus Reform reports:

Religion prof argues that Christians should support abortion

A religious studies professor in North Carolina claims that “trusting women to make abortion decisions is a Christian norm.”

In an opinion piece published on Elon University’s website Monday, Dr. Rebecca Todd Peters—who is described as a “feminist and christian social ethicist”—denies the validity of the “dominant belief that Christianity and Christians are against abortion” on the grounds that most Christian denominations tolerate abortion under exceptional circumstances.

“There is nothing Christian about requiring women to ‘justify’ their reasons for abortion,” Peters boldly asserts. “And there is certainly nothing Christian about forcing women to continue pregnancies against their will.”

The professor notes that there is “widespread consensus” among Christians that abortion is justifiable for “PRIM” (Prenatal health, Rape, Incest, and health of the Mother) reasons, but contends that this is inadequate, asserting that “it is time for Christians to challenge the inadequacy, intolerance, and misogyny” of the PRIM paradigm.

“By focusing on the acceptability of PRIM abortions, Christians have shaped the dominant public discourse about abortion into a debate about justification,” she asserts, saying that “this framework divides women who have abortions into two categories—the tragic and the damned.”

“Only 1 percent of abortions are a result of rape and less than 0.5 percent the result of incest. About 12 percent are sought to protect a woman’s health, and 13 percent for prenatal health issues,” Peters explains. “That means that what legal scholar Kate Watson calls ‘ordinary abortions’ make up nearly three-quarters of abortions in the United States.”