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Prof Assigns Trump-Bashing Books in Rhetoric Course

Prof Assigns Trump-Bashing Books in Rhetoric Course

“the political rhetoric of the 2016 election was particularly vitriolic and uncivil”

Reading and speaking angry words about Trump is like therapy for the resistance.

Campus Reform reports:

English prof assigns Trump-bashing books in rhetoric course

An English professor requires students to read books that claim the “Trump effect” should be “immediately and forcefully” challenged and label Trump supporters as prejudiced against immigrants, Muslims, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Katherine Mack, who chairs the English department at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, has assigned anti-Trump material as required reading for her rhetoric course, which is a mandatory class for students majoring in “Rhetoric and Writing.”

The course, ENGL 4880 – “Topics in Public Rhetorics,” is described as the “advanced study of the rhetoric of a particular public issue.” The course description also notes that “issues, theoretical materials, historical moment, and readings” will “shift” as a specific topic is chosen for the course each time it is offered.

Campus Reform obtained a copy of Mack’s Fall 2018 syllabus, as well as photographs of the offending books, from a concerned student who wishes to remain anonymous.

The syllabus notes that “the political rhetoric of the 2016 election was particularly vitriolic and uncivil, and, according to many, even less grounded in objective truths than elections past.”

Mack summarizes the purpose of the course with a question adapted from the Roman teacher of rhetoric Quintilian, asking “What does it mean to be a good person who speaks and writes well?”


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I thought this was an English class; this prof is actually teaching political science. These kids should demand a refund of their tuition as it was collected under false pretences!

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