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Nebraska State Senator Under Fire for Opposing Hire of ‘Diversity Vice Chancellor’ at University

Nebraska State Senator Under Fire for Opposing Hire of ‘Diversity Vice Chancellor’ at University

“extremist progressive worldview”

The University of Nebraska has hired a ‘Diversity Vice Chancellor’ a position that comes with a six-figure salary. Republican state senator Steve Erdman is taking heat for opposing this.

The Daily Caller reports:

State Senator Opposes a University Diversity Officer, but His Colleagues and the School are Having None of it

A Nebraska state senator received pushback from his Senate colleagues and the University of Nebraska after he criticized the school for hiring a diversity vice chancellor with a six-figure salary.

Nebraska State Republican Sen. Steve Erdman said hiring a vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion would antagonize members of the University of Nebraska community who did not subscribe to an “extremist progressive worldview,” reported The Washington Post.

“Favoring people by way of their genitalia, the color of their skin, and their sexual orientation is as much an insult as discriminating against them for these very same reasons,” Erdman said in a July letter to constituents. “To the contrary, I believe individuals should be favored in academia on the basis of their unique talents, abilities and aptitude for learning.”

He applauded the admission of botanist and inventor George Washington Carver into Iowa State Agricultural College on the basis of merit, citing Carver’s “unique interest in botany” and “uncanny ability to paint flowers.”

The senator argued that by hiring a diversity vice chancellor, the school would sacrifice expertise and talent in favor of racial diversity when evaluating candidates for faculty positions, as well as discriminate against certain members of its student body.


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