Robert Mueller did not start Trump Derangement Syndrome. That started before the 2016 election, but went ballistic when Trump won.

#TheResistance movement immediately went into crisis attack mode, trying to intimidate Electors and to delegitimize the election result.

At every stage the media has played a critical role in arguing that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election.

The Steele Dossier, perhaps the most successful opposition disinformation project in memory, served to provide fodder for the evidence-free accusations against Trump. The dossier was a collusive effort between the Clinton campaign and DNC, on the one hand, and Russian sources who supposedly fed information to Steele.

With the connivance of the Obama intelligence and law enforcement apparatus, the dossier helped perpetuate the collusion narrative in the endless media news cycles. Leaks about otherwise casual and non-substantive “contacts” between Trump campaign officials or supporters and Russians were a weekly news mania. That hysteria created the public crisis atmosphere in which Jeff Sessions recused himself because of his “contacts” with Russians, even though there is zero evidence Sessions did anything wrong.

But the Steele dossier lacked media legs because the key allegations in the document were unsubstantiated. That’s where Mueller comes in.

Since Mueller was appointed in May 2017, after James Comey was fired as FBI Director, we have been in a perpetual 3-5 day “scoop” news cycle based on the Mueller probe.

For over a year barely a week goes by that some publication doesn’t publish a “scoop” about what Mueller is thinking, who his team is talking to, what they might do or might not do, and so on. The Mueller probe is the media gift that keeps giving, usually based on anonymous sources.

Just as each breathless and frequently demonstrably inaccurate media firestorm has died down — Wait, another Big Scoop. Let’s start a new news cycle. It never ends, and will not end so long as Mueller is investigating Trump, whether Trump is a “subject” or a “target” or something else.

The nation has suffered this media-driven Mueller probe gaslighting to the point that there is an increasing likelihood of serious violence.

You see it everywhere. #TheResistance, prodded daily by media “scoop” hysteria, is ready to fight — literally — the grave threat Trump the supposed “traitor” presents.

There is anger all around. I’ve never sensed what I sense now. Things are coming apart, and I blame the permanent crisis news cycle in substantial part.

Mueller is not to blame for the media. But he can’t ignore how his investigation is being exploited. Mueller has had over a year to investigate Trump. The FBI and intelligence services have been investigating Trump for over two years. If there is a there there, they should know it by now. So far, nothing has been publicly revealed.

This is not the usual criminal investigation, where time is not of the essence. And the investigation of Trump is qualitatively different than the investigation of others.

If Mueller has the goods on the President, he should tell the nation now what those goods are.

If Mueller has nothing on the President, he should say so now to put an end to the media madness that is driving the nation to fratricide.



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