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Manafort jury leaves for weekend after failed media attempt to unseal names and addresses

Manafort jury leaves for weekend after failed media attempt to unseal names and addresses

In the age of online mobs and media-doxxing, media request during deliberations to unseal names could be viewed as an attempt at intimidation.

The jury in the Paul Manafort trial has ended deliberations for the day without a verdict. This comes after jury questions yesterday, including asking the judge to clarify the meaning of “reasonable doubt.”

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Paul Manafort is being prosecuted because of who he knows. I hope he walks, the judge’s guidance probably didn’t clarify anything:

The jury asked the judge for help understanding “reasonable doubt.” As is usual in these situations, the judge didn’t give much help, explaining that reasonable doubt was “doubt based on reason” but did not require “guilt beyond all possible doubt.”

The drama of the day was supplied by the media, which filed requests for the judge to unseal the jurors’ names and home addresses once a verdict was rendered. A Media Coalition of CNN, AP, Buzzfeed, NY Times, Politico and WaPo were the first to file, in the afternoon on August 16, 2018, the first day of deliberations. They were followed by a CBS motion filed this morning.

The Media Coalition (pdf.) and CBS (pdf.) motions are embedded at the bottom of this post.

In a case such as this, that could be seen as an act of media intimidation — the jury is not sequestered so they certainly would hear about it. In an environment of online mobs and CNN having threatened to doxx a gif maker who mocked CNN, the jurors rightly would be concerned if the judge released their personal information to the media.

The media could have waited until after the verdict, but that would not have allowed the media to camp outside jurors homes in time for the immediate news cycle. Jurors also could have been given the choice, after the verdict, whether to have their names revealed.

That’s not to say these same media outlets won’t take it on themselves to out the jurors, particularly if there is a not guilty verdict, but the judge wasn’t going to make it easy for them.

The judge ruled that he would not release it because the judge himself had received threats and was under U.S. Marshal protection. The judge did not disclose the nature of the threats or from whom the threats came (pro-Manafort/Trump or anti-Manafort/Trump). Fox News reports:

The judge in ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s fraud trial revealed Friday he has received threats over the case and now travels with U.S. Marshals, as he turned back a media request to release juror information.

U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III, in rejecting the motion, argued that he’s confident the jurors would be threatened as well if their information were to be made public.

“I can tell you there have been [threats]. … I don’t feel right if I release their names,” he said, adding that because of threats against him, “The Marshals go where I go.” …

Ellis, a famously prickly judge known for his colorful comments, has attracted considerable attention during the Manafort trial for his frequent sparring with the attorneys — particularly those on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

Earlier Friday morning, Ellis acknowledged facing pushback about how he’s handled this case. He told attorneys “I’m no stranger to criticism,” but said “this case has brought it to a new level.” …

Rejecting the request about the jury, Ellis said “to [grant it] would create a risk of harm to them.”

Considering that the judge has been lambasted in the media for alleged anti-prosecution bias, it’s reasonable to assume the threats came from people upset the judge’s comments during the trial might contribute to a not guilty verdict, but that’s speculation at this point.

The other drama of the day was when reporters shouted questions at Trump about the trial and whether Trump would pardon Manafort. He said “I don’t talk about that [a pardon]” and then commented on Manafort:


USA v. Manafort (EDVa) – Media Coalition Motion to Unseal Juror Names by Legal Insurrection on Scribd


USA v. Manafort (EDVa) – CBS Motion to Unseal Juror Names by Legal Insurrection on Scribd


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DieJustAsHappy | August 17, 2018 at 5:19 pm

In situations like this, I think that no it just isn’t fake news that’s the enemy of the people, the media really is the enemy. What’s a juror to think as he’s deliberating knowing that the media is ready pounce and reveal who he is to the world? And, especially in today’s volatile societal environment.

    Yep… that move today was jury intimidation… like the olden days… when the town would surround the courthouse with torches and pitchforks. Hope you come to a “correct” verdict. CNN: “It’d be a shame if some of this mob found out where you lived… or how you polled in the verdict. Be safe. Think hard on you and your families future. “

I wish we could at least get the names of the people from these news organizations that are inquiring about juror identities. They get to hide behind group anonymity.

Of course, I’m still waiting to find out which so-called journalist are on the Fusion GPS payroll.

Yes, MSM. You are an enemy of the American people.

I wish we could at least get the names of the people from these news organizations that are inquiring about juror identities. They get to hide behind group anonymity.

Of course, I’m still waiting to find out which so-called journalist are on the Fusion GPS payroll.

Yes, MSM. You are an enemy of the American people.

Great another article leading to 100+ comments of which about 10% are not sniping at people, and actual facts in the case.

    Edward in reply to RodFC. | August 17, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    Including yours.

    Matt_SE in reply to RodFC. | August 17, 2018 at 9:20 pm

    This article isn’t about “actual facts of the case,” it’s about the media’s attempt to obtain the names and addresses of the jurors.
    In light of that, discussing the merits of the case would be changing the subject.

In related news, remember the bicycle lock Thug? I took some heat for suggesting we should solve that problem through extra-legal methods. I was rightfully corrected, tell that he was in custody and would face the justice.

Guess what happened? Nothing of consequence. He got probation. He got off.

Told ya so told ya so.

Where is your rule-of-law now?

What is funny is all these antiTrumpsters who were rabidly angry when Trump criticized a judge are saying the people making threats on this judge are justified.

    JOHN B in reply to RodFC. | August 17, 2018 at 7:50 pm

    Some say we don’t know which side is threatening the judge.

    Be serious. We know it is the Dems, Antifa and other such groups – none of whom will ever be charged.

    Matt_SE in reply to RodFC. | August 17, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    There’s a certain portion of the Republican base who still thinks we’re living in 1950, when there was a large national consensus on issues. They don’t understand how/why these things are happening.

    There’s another portion who don’t understand how/why these things are happening because they don’t want to know. They were frauds from the beginning; not conservatives, they just pretended to be so to collect a paycheck.

    These last two years have been a real eye-opener as to the rot in this society.

media and public already had their names.
juror #1, juror #2, juror #3, juror #4, etc

    Tom Servo in reply to dmacleo. | August 17, 2018 at 5:50 pm

    I wish someone would leak a list of names to CNN which they could breathlessly real live, instantly – starting with Juror #1, Ho Lee Fuk, Juror #2, Mike Hunt, Juror # 3, Tug McGroyn….

Intimidation, not just of this Manafort jury, but of the next one, still to be chosen, in DC.

    Edward in reply to Rabel. | August 17, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    No need to intimidate a DC Jury, all they have to do is make sure the Jurors know that Manafort is a Republican. If they find out Manafort worked on the Trump Campaign it will be hard to prevent the Jury lynching him.

During the OJ trial Fruit of Islam members eyeballed jurors in the courtroom. The same members also made sure to be seen on the courthouse steps as jurors were ferried from sequestration hotel and courthouse.

I seem to remember Johnnie Cochran wearing one of those black power/fruit of Islam/Jamaican pillbox caps while being interviewed (TV) outside the courthouse. Cochran was a sharp guy, and not some crazy islamist – he knew doing so would influence black jurors. Faux edit:: can’t find the picture.

Media are menacing the Manafort trial jurors.

Please tell me again how they are not the enemy of the American People !
How do you spell MOB INTIMIDATION ?

Prof. I know it’s John Marshall and Thurgood Marshall, but it is US Marshal.

And DieJustAsHappy is correct about the probable intent of the MSM to obtain the Juror’s names and information being harrassment and a hope to influence deliberations.

John and Jane Q. Public couldn’t care less who the Jurors might be, other than perhaps to feel sorry for them for being unable to have a valid excuse to get out of Jury Duty and the boat load of crap that the Left will visit on their heads should they find Manafort Not Guilty on even one count of the Indictment.

Most speculation I’ve seen says if the jury takes this long or longer- it’s hung.

    Elzorro in reply to gospace. | August 17, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    By Monday they may be so scared they refuse to reach a verdict or hang. The ongoing jury forever. They are safe as long as they deliberate.

smalltownoklahoman | August 17, 2018 at 6:13 pm

Good call by the judge on not releasing their names. If there are people upset enough to threaten a judge then no duh! there will be some willing to go after these jury members! I just hope they are able to stay safe after this trial is over regardless of the outcome.

which filed requests for the judge to unseal the jurors’ names and home addresses once a verdict was rendered.

They request the info be unsealed immediately after the verdict, “at the latest.” They want it earlier.

Total attempt at jury intimidation.

Maybe we should put them all in solitary (like Manafort), until after the verdict is rendered (then forget we put them in there)…


Better yet – have the US Marshals keep tabs on the jurors, and the second they are approached by the media (prior to the verdict), declare a MISTRIAL.

Let’s see how Team Mueller goes on a second go round.

A lynch mob with cameras and microphones.

While I never espouse violence, if one of these asshats happens to get their nose broken (on live feed), I would watch the video on endless loop…


Enlighten me. How common is it for the names and home addresses of jurors to be released while a jury deliberation is underway?

    Slight amendment. (Other sites didn’t report this detail…) I see the media is publicly asking for the names and home addresses to be released after the verdict is rendered. The timing is still extremely.. interesting.

      The Packetman in reply to JBourque. | August 17, 2018 at 8:09 pm

      From the Coalition Memorandum: “Therefore, the
      Media Coalition respectfully requests that the Court issue an order directing the clerk to make publicly available the names and addresses of the jurors and alternates who heard this case, at the latest immediately upon return by the jury of its verdict.”

      They want the names now … after the verdict will be too late.

So… the same media that colludes to write 250 editorials on the same day declaring they’re not the enemy of the American people want the names and address of jurors in the Manafort case as soon as the verdict is returned?

Well, they certainly showed their true colors.

    Thanks to Packetman, I now know they are entirely happy to have the names and home addresses released right now, during the deliberations of a non-sequestered jury. Amazing.

Btw, when does the hillary clinton trial start?

Btw, when does the hillary clinton trial start?

Others have speculated they already have a juror leaking and the media wants to run with the stories.

I wonder what the jurors family will do this weekend. They may be kind of terrified if they think that the people after the judge would come after them too. They do not have US Marshalls to watch over them.

    And given what we’ve seen out of Federal law enforcement the last few years, would you trust them to guard you? Even President Trump got his own security during the campaign and probably afterwards.

What is this Media Coalition in the motion? Sounds like some kind of coalition forces in war.

    tom_swift in reply to Elzorro. | August 17, 2018 at 9:30 pm

    From the pdf—

    By and through undersigned counsel, Cable News Network, Inc. (“CNN”); The Associated Press (“AP”); BuzzFeed, Inc. (“BuzzFeed”); NBCUniversal Media, LLC (“NBC”); The New York Times Company (“The Times”); POLITICO LLC (“Politico”); and WP Co., LLC,d/b/a/ The Washington Post (the “Post”)(collectively, the “Media Coalition”)

    Quite a lineup.

The left seems intent on starting a shooting civil war.

Main stream media is not taking any chances. It looks as if Mueller will get a new judge and jury due to jury intimidation. Too bad Judge Ellis didn’t sequester his panel.

Subotai Bahadur | August 18, 2018 at 8:32 am

Seems like it would be fair to publish the names, family member names, and addresses of every media reporter, editor, publisher, and support staff involved in this case “at the latest immediately upon return by the jury of its verdict.”

250 editorials claiming they are not the enemy?

You think these so-called sophisticates word understand the Streisand Effect.

So the judge has been threatened and requires protection and now the media is pushing the court to identify private citizens with obvious intent to intimidate them while deliberating …

If I could dream, by tomorrow evening (Sunday), Trump makes a statement: “When the investigation into alleged election interference has produced nothing for 18 months and has mutated into trials unrelated to the charter of the original investigation, with threats to the presiding judge and private citizens serving on the jury, it’s time to put an end to the farce. Mueller: You’re Fired. Rosenstein: You’re Fired.” Etc.

Who would serve on a jury if your name and address is released after the trial? It’s like putting a target on their heads.