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Jordan Peterson: Increasingly, People Are Being Taught by Ideologues Not Educators

Jordan Peterson: Increasingly, People Are Being Taught by Ideologues Not Educators

“mostly because the faculties of education are full of people who are radical”

Last month, we featured a video Professor Jordan Peterson did for Prager University about how “dangerous people” are teaching your children. In some of his recent interviews, he has expanded that idea and explained more about the thinking behind it.

This week, he did so on FOX and Friends.

Carmel Kookogey writes at Conservative Review:

Jordan Peterson: Liberal colleges aren’t about education, they’re about ‘political activism’

University of Toronto Psychology professor and author Jordan Peterson spoke with Fox News Tuesday to discuss his recent video warning parents that students are being “indoctrinated” at liberal colleges, with ideas that are “academically suspect and ideologically possessed.”

“People are being taught by ideologues, not by educators. And ideologues have a very simple way of looking at the world, they reduce it to a few principles like inequality and unfairness and power, those would be the fundamental principles at the moment that are operating on the radical left, and they’re on an ideological campaign. And that’s increasingly the case in elementary, junior high and high schools as well, mostly because the faculties of education are full of people who are radical,” Peterson said.

Watch the segment below:

You’ll notice Peterson zeroed right in on disciplines like women’s studies and ethnic studies.

Nick Givas of the Daily Caller has more on that:

Clinical psychologist and University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson called out colleges for teaching “pseudo-disciplines” on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday and said they made a “dreadful mistake” by legitimizing imitation majors.

“I think part of it’s still a hangover from the 1960s,” Peterson said. “I would say and perhaps even a bit of a hangover from the Cold War.”

“I also think the universities made a dreadful mistake expanding their humanities purview to include disciplines like women’s studies and these ethnic studies disciplines, which aren’t disciplines,” he continued.

“They’re pseudo-disciplines at best. And they have very, very low academic standards and they’re corrupting the rest of the enterprise. And that’s not a good thing.”

Is there any wonder why the far left has placed a target on Peterson’s back? He is pulling back the curtain and exposing a side of higher education many Americans don’t even realize they’re financing through their taxes.

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Why have conservatives, for the past 50 years, ceded the education system to the Left? Granted that we arent in favor of public education as operated by thr federal level (with state instances), but why do we allow them to control the curriculum? Maybe trump/devos can fix; Regan didnt.

    It’s quite frustrating.
    I see the push for school choice as fighting against it, but it’s a drop in the bucket.
    In the meantime, get good people on the school board, stop Common Core, be aware of what’s being taught to your child (harder and harder with everything on line and no textbooks),
    audit or take college courses to debate those liberal profs and provide another viewpoint for college youth.

    oldgoat36 in reply to unommin. | August 2, 2018 at 10:26 am

    The left leaning have been in universities for a lot longer than 50 years. I think part is due to many in universities being exposed to Marx and other teachings of alternative social systems, and in a perfect world those would have merits, but greed and corruption and narcissistic tendency of those in power is what brings reality to those constructs. They don’t seem to get beyond the theory stage to accept that in practice they don’t work.

    Progressivism is viewed as forward moving, gaining on the last generations, and rejection of conservative ideas because they believe them to be stagnant. FDR pushed for Progressive politics to be renamed Liberal because the people saw that the progressive ideas were not in line with society. That is why liberals became known as such, even though it was coopting a conservative leaning ideal, and changed it into progressive politics. Now we are seeing it change again, because the left wear out the label they attach to themselves, and it becomes less favorable. Progressives is the “new” preferred term for the left, even though liberal still has it’s hold.

    Insufficiently Sensitive in reply to unommin. | August 2, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Why have conservatives, for the past 50 years, ceded the education system to the Left?
    It wasn’t a ceding process, it was a bend-over-backwards-to-be-inclusive processes. ‘Conservative’ here means classic liberal, it means tolerance for all viewpoints. So in University hirings, for some length of time, radical leftists were welcomed onto faculties – up to the point that they had formed a nucleus of power. Not being a bit tolerant themselves, they then more and more savagely rejected any centrist or conservative candidates under consideration for faculty positions. The few conservatives that are engaged have had to learn to disguise their feelings and opinions, so that the normal assumptions of hiring committees (that ‘we’re all progressives now’) allows a very few to enter the system.

    Matt_SE in reply to unommin. | August 2, 2018 at 11:44 am

    Answer: because up until recently, it was too easy to deny the concrete damage they were doing. If someone had tried to take ACTION on this 10 years ago, they would’ve been stopped and labeled as a kook.

    So there were no incentives for anyone to do the right thing (who was going to reward them?), while there were all sorts of very real penalties. The leftist establishment would’ve fought tooth and nail to protect their fiefdoms.

    In fact, this is so true that even now, when we are mostly aware of the damage, nobody is taking action about it. They’re waiting for the market to do all the heavy lifting by itself.

      RobM in reply to Matt_SE. | August 2, 2018 at 5:27 pm

      Matt, this a thousand times , THIS! Unommin’s question is a strawman and specious. Conservatives have tried, and repeatedly kneecapped by school boards, or textbook publishers, and the Universities. Not to mention, the ingrained mindset since the 60’s , that if only we tweaked this or that we could ” engineer ” better people.. aka, brainwash the kids. That lead to experimentation to fit indoctrination ideas, many of which failed miserably and quietly the education racket moved on to the next big idea.

      Since the 90’s it has gone full socialist. Black history month.. and climate studies in, literature and history out. And the idea that conservatives haven’t tried… entire faculties are leftists. That isn’t because conservatives don’t want to teach.. it’s because the progressives have spent 35 years stacking faculties with other fellow travelers. #1 is, teachers are above criticism. #2, more MONEY always and forever! #3, schools are a appropriate place to ” parent ” and ” guide ” children and if actual parents object, they are gaslighted , if not threatened .. all to make their kids plead to fit it, go along, don’t make a fuss… don’t be the weird parent that yells at clouds.

    MattMusson in reply to unommin. | August 2, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    Jordan Peterson is an amazing speaker. He drops truth bombs directly on the enemy. I am reading his latest book 12 Rules to Live By.

    Please, please, please! Do yourself a favor and listen to this youtube video about changing your life for the better.

The push by far too many is to have people go to college, even though a number of them get no real living benefit from a degree in many fields. They can’t get jobs in those fields, so they are only left with the experience, and while that is OK, it isn’t like college was decades ago. It doesn’t give a well rounded education, it has so much more to do with pushed biases of the professors.

Of course colleges don’t care, these studies which amount to outlets for SJW types bring in more money to the institutions, and they are always hungry to get more money for, you know, that socialist utopia effort for everyone but the educators.

    Dathurtz in reply to oldgoat36. | August 2, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    I think many states are realizing how stupid the “college for all” thing was. I know Louisiana has a graduation path where kids graduate and are usually certified to work in welding/electrical/carpentry/etc. I like the idea, but the program is really too new to tell if it will actually work.

Half measures won’t work. The left goes jugular, and that’s how they win. They are unapologetic in their goals, whereas conservatives are too apologetic and care too much about what their ideological enemies think of them. We don’t drive the narrative as we should.

What’s truly needed is a counter-movement to the “free education for all” movement that is afoot and gaining ground. We need to demand that universities and colleges be entirely privatized, at the very least of federal monies, and remove the taxpayer support underwriting of our country’s demise.

Actually, we can blame Napoleon.
After the Prussians were embarrassed by Napoleon, they reformed their schools, with strict discipline. I’ve heard some say our schools were designed to prepare students for the factory, but not so. The Prussian schools were designed to have better than 90% literacy and soldiers who obeyed orders. The reason for bells is that when the bell rings, you stop what you are doing and do something else. Sort of like the sergeant gives an order, and you follow it.

Horace Mann, in the early 1800s went to Prussia, to figure out what to do with hordes of Catholic children of Irish and Italian descent filling the schools. He never saw a Prussian teacher teaching Prussian students in a classroom, but he was enough. Very totalitarian and controlling, but hey, that’s ok. Then in the late 1800s Bismarck kicked out a bunch of socialist, and they came to be part of our educational college system. Plus John Dewey, a socialist, furthered the leftist tilt.

My humble opinion, after over 30 years of teaching on the high school and university level, is that mandatory school attendance is horrible. We force students to be inclasses being indoctrinated. So sad. Schools and colleges of education are where you will find, on both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the students with the lowest standardized test scores and highest grade point averages. My last encounter with faculty at such a place convinces me that most there constitute a parade of pompous peacocks.

    Dathurtz in reply to Milwaukee. | August 2, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Amen. Every time I bring up how mandatory attendance is actually harmful I get looked at like I just espoused pedophilia. If I could get rid of the few kids who don’t want to be there anyway, then I would see a pretty dramatic increase in the rest.

    Dathurtz in reply to Milwaukee. | August 2, 2018 at 4:49 pm

    Enjoy this anecdote on the relative worthlessness of my master’s degree (MAT). I was bored in my education classes (I had recently graduated with a B.S. in Cell and Molecular biology) so I was taking some biology grad classes. The biology classes are all in the morning/afternoon and the education classes are all at night. In my Bacterial Genetics lab where we were having a competition to see whose primer worked best to engineer the genetics of some bacteria and our grades depended on how well we did relative to the class. I left that class and walked across campus where I literally made a welcome to school poster using macaroni. I have never been able to forget the contrast.

inspectorudy | August 2, 2018 at 1:05 pm

It is obvious why academia is far left. They live in a world that is not competitive and they have a guaranteed job/future. They are like Hollywood basically for the same reason. When you have no worries about your future or money it is easy to see the world through the socialist lens. When you remove all of the fears that most of us have to face daily, it is easy to talk about fairness and power of the man. There should be no such thing as tenure and like every other profession, there should be tests and ratings on any in their field, from scheduled exams or productivity.

Like the recent case that found forced union membership compelled people to pay for political positions with which they disagree, taxing me to pay for universities who advocate political ideologies which I disagree with is wrong.

Our K-12 system would make Karl Marx proud. “Free” public education was a plank in the Communist Manifesto.

Spending on public education, since the early 1970s, has grown exponentially, but there has been minimal increase in student achievement. However, we have many, many, many more teachers with Masters degrees in education. The high school teachers try to imitate things collegiate, so they bring the insanity of the university to high schools.

If you want to limit the indoctrination, then you have to get rid of the high stakes testing the states require. I get very little leeway in regards to the content I teach. I get very little leeway in regards to the ideas behind the content I teach. The reason for this is that maintaining my job depends on the performance of my students on an End of Course exam given by the state.

It would be much more beneficial to my students if I could spend more time doing various experiments to teach how science is supposed to work. It would be more beneficial if I could spend more time actually out in nature showing more ecology and animal behavior. Sadly, that stuff makes up a very small percentage of the biology EoC exam. I get to spend most of my time teaching topics like cell biology that, while neat, are a lot less likely to be useful unless you do go to college and major in a biology-driven field.

This won’t get rid of the indoctrination at schools that choose to indoctrinate, but it will allow other schools to be free.

What Donald Trump is to politics, Jordan Peterson is to academia.

They are both once-in-a-lifetime great men.