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Iowa State Profs Get $248K Grant to Study Microaggressions in Engineering

Iowa State Profs Get $248K Grant to Study Microaggressions in Engineering

“An Intersectional Perspective to Studying Microaggressions in Engineering Programs”

This grant for nearly a quarter of a million dollars was awarded by the National Science Foundation.

Campus Reform reports:

Profs get $248k grant to study ‘gender microaggressions’

The NSF has awarded three Iowa State University professors more than $248,000 to study “gender microaggressions” in engineering, claiming that the research will ultimately help students “feel safe.”

On August 13, the taxpayer-funded National Science Foundation (NSF) granted funding for the study “Collaborative Research: An Intersectional Perspective to Studying Microaggressions in Engineering Programs,” which is slated to cost taxpayers at least $248,744 over the next four years.

Engineering professor Cristina Poleacovschi—who will lead the project over the next four years—told Campus Reform that microaggressions are important to study in academia because they cause harm to students, especially minorities.

“I find microaggressions particularly interesting because they are normalized in our everyday life but have significant consequences over time,” said Poleacovschi, who explained that the idea for the research came from her personal experience in engineering.

“The contribution of this grant is bringing an intersectionality perspective to the concept of microaggressions where we consider the interconnected nature of race and gender,” she explained.

Ultimately, the $248,744 grant will culminate in a research project that “will collect stories from diverse identity groups in order to obtain a well-rounded understanding of microaggressions in engineering programs.”


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Being engineers, they will no doubt use calipers for milli agressions, and laser interferometers for micro agressions.

Don’t be surprised when about 10 years from now an Iowa State student-designed bridge collapses.

Can’t Trump stop the Federal gov from paying for these SJW perversions of education?

I was going to leave my typical intersectional thermodynamics or intersectional dynamic control system modeling joke here, but saw zhe had a PhD in Civil Engineering from UC-Boulder. Which made me curious. Apparently UC-Boulder awards Engineering PhDs for non-technical research.

From her “The Role of Social and Goverance(sp) Mechanism on the Process of Knowledge Seeking in Engineering Organizations.” dissertation:

“The results in this dissertation contribute to theory and practice by identifying the social and governance mechanisms that influence knowledge accessibility. These results contribute to a social view of knowledge seeking by showing the importance of gender for knowledge accessibility and forms of capital for expertise assessment. Identifying the governance mechanisms which contribute to knowledge accessibility contribute to theory of knowledge governance by connecting the macro level control systems with micro level knowledge accessibility. For practitioners, this dissertation emphasizes the barriers and enhancers to the process of knowledge seeking. First, the dissertation shows the importance of enhancing social capital among employees in order to cultivate expertise. Second, the dissertation identified gender groups which are disconnected. Finally, the dissertation shows which control systems need to be implemented by the management based on the knowledge type in order to increase knowledge accessibility.”

A quick review of her other publications reveals a similar level of intersectional pap. She’ll be a Dean in not time.

Real American | August 24, 2018 at 3:55 pm

There’s no such thing as Microaggressions. Where can I pick up my $248k?