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Human Remains Discovered on Georgetown Campus Kept Hidden for Four Years

Human Remains Discovered on Georgetown Campus Kept Hidden for Four Years

“Workers had discovered the thigh bone that year while breaking ground”

This is a pretty creepy story. They suspect the remains were those of a slave.

The College Fix reports:

Georgetown University hid the discovery of human remains on campus for four years

Georgetown University apparently kept silent for nearly half a decade on the discovery of human remains on the school’s campus, neglecting to inform the university community on the finding of what was likely an enslaved person’s thighbone.

The discovery, which dated to 2014, was revealed this week in an article in The Hoya, Georgetown’s student newspaper. Workers had discovered the thigh bone that year while breaking ground on a new campus residence hall.

The crew in charge of the construction “had already known that the discovery of human remains would be a possibility,” according to The Hoya, due to the work taking place over what was once a graveyard on campus. The burial ground was segregated, intended only for black people, including slaves.

Many of the human remains in the graveyard had been “removed in 1953 to make room for the university’s expansion near what is now the Reiss Science Building,” The Hoya reports. However, “only a fraction of the bodies buried in the area were recovered; out of the over 900 people buried at the College Ground, only about 50 were discovered and transferred to Mount Olivet Cemetery in 1953,” according to a local historian.


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I hate that awkward PC phrase “enslaved person”, because it would break their leftist hearts to say “slave”. In all likelihood the bone’s original owner never was enslaved, because he was born a slave.

It’s even worse when they say things like “George Washington enslaved 15 people” or whatever. No, he didn’t. He never enslaved anyone in his whole life. He owned slaves, but they were already slaves before they came into his possession; either they had been enslaved years earlier, or they were born slaves.

    DINORightMarie in reply to Milhouse. | August 11, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    And – he freed them all on his death.

    It is disgusting how history has been rewritten, reframed to focus on hate, on things that our nation has overcome. The nation has a history of acknowledging its mistakes, working hard to move forward and continue to improve.

Gad! Surprise, you dig in a cemetery, and you find bones!
Come on LI, this is hardly news. W
Who cares, so why advertise.
To(gasp)say they hid the fact as if they were hiding a recent crime.
This is a “nothing boner”

neglecting to inform the university communityneglecting to inform the university community

Odd that anyone would consider this some sort of obligation or duty, particularly to anything so amorphous and useless as a “university community.”.

Sounds like the university was afraid the discovery would stop the construction of their new building if word got out.

healthguyfsu | August 9, 2018 at 3:41 pm

In Virginia, the law considers the head and torso as the remains of a person for legal burial purposes. Too bad they are in DC.

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