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Heather Mac Donald: “There’s a multi-million dollar diversity bureaucracy on most college campuses today”

Heather Mac Donald: “There’s a multi-million dollar diversity bureaucracy on most college campuses today”

The Manhattan Scholar explained the academic culture that created Sarah Jeong on Fox News.

Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald appeared on the Tucker Carlson show last night to address the culture on college campuses which influences people like Sarah Jeong, the controversial new hire at the New York Times.

Tucker opens the segment by remarking on Jeong’s history of racist tweets and suggests that she and others like her are a product of America’s education system. He asks Mac Donald how this is happening.

She responds by pointing out that “There’s a multi-million dollar diversity bureaucracy on most college campuses today that is dedicated to the very propositions that Sarah Jeong embodies.”

She suggests that despite having the privilege of attending college, American students are bombarded with messages that tell them they are victims of racism and sexism on the college campus itself.

Watch the entire segment below:

Mac Donald addressed this issue more extensively in a recent column for National Review:

Sarah Jeong Is a Boring, Typical Product of the American Academy

The most significant feature of Sarah Jeong, the New York Times’ embattled new editorial board member, is not that she is a “racist,” as her critics put it. It is that she is an entirely typical product of the contemporary academy…

The key features of Jeong’s worldview are an obsession with whiteness and its alleged sins; a commitment to the claim that we live in a rape culture; and a sneering contempt for objectivity and truth-seeking. These are central tenets of academic victimology. From the moment freshmen arrive on a college campus, they are inundated by the message that they are either the bearers of white privilege or its victims. College presidents and the metastasizing diversity bureaucracy teach students to see racism where none exists, preposterously accusing their own institutions of systemic bias. “Bias response teams,” confidential “discrimination hotlines,” and implicit-bias training for faculty and staff roll forth from university coffers in wild abandon.

UC Berkeley’s Division of Equity and Inclusion until recently hung banners throughout campus reminding students of their place in the ruthlessly competitive hierarchy of victimhood. One particularly lachrymose entry, featuring a female black and a Hispanic male student, urged the presumably “non-diverse” sector of Berkeley to “create an environment where people other than yourself can exist.” This year’s White Privilege Conference, a nationwide academic gathering, featured panels on “Breaking the Chains of Capitalism and White Supremacy,” the “Whiteness of Law,” and “How Whiteness Kills.”

Too many colleges and universities have become little more than indoctrination centers for the far left. Taxpayers shouldn’t be expected to subsidize them.

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“She responds by pointing out that “There’s a multi-million dollar diversity bureaucracy on most college campuses today that is dedicated to the very propositions that Sarah Jeong embodies.”

And M.L. correctly finished his post with what I’ve been advocating for years: “Have my tax dollars been defunded from these vile marxist diversiversity indoctrination camps, yet?

    Liberal fiscal policies (e.g. redistributive change) and twenty trillion dollars in debt goes along way to marginalize taxpayer contributions and influence.

    America, unlike South Africa with a progressive Constitution, was never a diverse nation that judged people by the color of their skin, their sex, their gendered attributes, etc. Diversity is not a Constitutional consideration. Today it is under the Twilight Amendment which includes abortion rites, political congruence, and other selective, opportunistic extra-legislative laws.

Diversity racket that denies individual dignity. A racket that operates through color judgments (e.g. selective, unprincipled) to manufacture labels that are used to paint people into classes (e.g. racist, sexist, phobic) with broad, sweeping strokes.

The only thing left to say is that the indoctrination starts before students get to college. The public schools need to go.

The true revolution starts when we stop paying our taxes to fund the opposition.

The first step to confronting diversity (i.e. color judgments including racism) is to stop operating within the bigots’ (i.e. sanctimonious hypocrites) frame of reference. We need a conservation of principles including individual dignity (e.g. judge people by the content of their character), intrinsic value that acknowledges human evolution from conception (opposed to one-child and selective-child), and perhaps inordinate worth to explain when a man or women will voluntarily place their life in jeopardy to aid another.

Heather is a brilliant woman! If Sarah were principled and of sufficient intellect she would have seen the flaws in her education. Instead she chose a path of evil. Now that she will be wealthy she will not change her racist/sexist/destructive beliefs.

The Friendly Grizzly | August 14, 2018 at 1:48 pm

The Diversity Bureaucracy is staffed / staphed with grievance studies majors.

The genius of the Left lies in how it has re-branded those who embrace a slavish lock-step conformity to every passing political fad as “transgressive rebels.”

For what young person does not wish to be a rebel? And especially a rebel With An Important Cause! Especially when attaining that status requires little more than seldom if ever questioning (or even thinking too much about) what one has been told.

Swimming with the current is not hard. Especially if you imagine yourself fighting that current with all your strength, as a righteous Social Justice Warrior! Even as you actually float effortlessly down that Lazy River.

Ask any businessman or woman who owns their own company what diversity is worth and they will tell you nothing. Diversity means difference. That usually means color or gender. But in most cases, merit and competence should be the criteria, not diversity. When you go into any type of commercial outlet or government agency do you care one whit what color the person who waits on you is? Do you care if they don’t have an accent? What is the reason/value for diversity? Can anyone tell me?

This is why the left fights school choice so hard. Just like they fight voter ID. If you want to know where corruption is, where fraud of some sort is taking place, just look to what the left defends as if it is the bastion of our freedoms.

When any place talks about diversity, instead of encouraging filling roles with the best people they can find, you know there is undermining of the principles of that institution. In Boy Scouts the talk now is making sure every council, every level of the institution is made diverse. Which doesn’t necessarily make it bad, but it is to force out the “old guard”, it is to weed out those who might disagree with the push to accept changes for the sake of change over what they were chartered for.

If we didn’t have Trump in office, we would be seeing a fast decline in our world standing, and I fear we are only being given a short reprieve, not a long time solution. This diversity stuff is also helping to fuel the positive views the left in particular, with a frightening number of youth, have on socialism.

    Anonamom in reply to oldgoat36. | August 15, 2018 at 9:09 am

    “This is why the left fights school choice so hard.”

    If we truly wish to save our Republic, we must first dedicate ourselves to saving our children. Unfortunately, I don’t see much commitment. The vast majority of parents are quick to deride American schools in general, but they are just as quick to defend their children’s teachers/schools. To do otherwise would be to admit that they are making poor and lazy decisions with respect to their children, and most people simply will refuse to accept their own responsibility/complicity.

regulus arcturus | August 14, 2018 at 10:14 pm

Correction: Multi-billion dollar diversity bureaucracy.

This is the heart of the rot. Frankfurt school adherents might wish of directing legions of goons, but what really makes the grievance studies tick are jobs. Loads of jobs for mediocre paper pushers and fake academics. Jobs that have decent paychecks for little work, while simultaneously holding some amount of social prestige.

Nobody wants to be a janitor. Nobody is qualified to be a CEO.

The legions of drones aren’t a conspiracy, it’s simple human greed and status seeking. The way to crush this is by cutting of the funding that has turned higher education into a giant slush fund.

Let then great unmasking begin! Go Heather!