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Gender Studies Courses Banned at State Universities in Hungary

Gender Studies Courses Banned at State Universities in Hungary

“no tangible use”

Can you even imagine the reaction from the campus left if this happened here?

The College Fix reports:

Hungary bans gender studies courses from state universities

Citing “no tangible use” and “ideology rather than science,” the Hungarian government announced that gender studies courses will no longer be taught at state universities.

Secretary of State of Hungary’s Ministry of Human Resources Bence Rétvári compared the gender studies field to the study of Marxist-Leninism, according to a report in Heti Világgazdaság.

A Hungarian government spokesman told Breitbart the country’s employers have “no demand for gender studies graduates.”

The new rule won’t affect many; only eleven students were admitted to the gender studies program at ELTE, and only two more at George Soros’s CEU according to the Breitbart report.

From the story:

“State universities operated from public funds must take these factors into consideration,” [the spokesman] said, “since the purpose of these institutions of higher education is to meet genuine social and labour market needs.”

Officials have been eying gender studies with some suspicion for a while. In 2017, Lőrinc Nacsa, the leader of the Christian Democrat (KDNP) youth wing, said that gender studies at ELTE are a wasteful luxury and counterproductive.


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LMAO! Way to go Hungary.

We should give Hungary a special trade deal yo support their hoest government.