This is one of the reasons the left goes crazy at the mere mention of Betsy DeVos.

The Daily Caller reports:

Education Department” ‘We Are Law Enforcement Officials, Not… Social Justice People’

A top Department of Education official described his office’s duty as one of “law enforcement” and not “social justice” on Monday.

The Education Department’s assistant secretary for civil rights Kenneth L. Marcus made the distinction when discussing the department’s approach to discrimination in schools, reported The Washington Post.

“We enforce the laws that Congress passes as written and in full — no less and no more,” Marcus told WaPo. “We are law enforcement officials, not advocates or social justice people.”

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” Marcus said, describing the department’s transition to deliberating individual cases instead of investigating “systemic” bias on campuses, a more time-intensive process.

The Education Department placed a two-year delay on an initiative aimed at stopping schools from disproportionately funneling black students into special education programs in June. Marcus and the Department of Justice then teamed up to rescind guidelines advising colleges on how to legally implement affirmative action in their admission programs in early July.

Marcus and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are also now thinking about repealing guidelines advising school districts to inspect whether they are more harshly punishing black students, according to WaPo. The Education Department did not respond immediately to a request for comment on this decision, or the special education one.