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Delaware State U. Forbids Students from Throwing Snowballs

Delaware State U. Forbids Students from Throwing Snowballs

“also forbids the “use [and] possession of water guns, super soakers, etc.”

It sounds like someone threw an ice ball in the past and the school just banned all snowballs.

The College Fix reports:

Public university forbids students from throwing snowballs

Delaware State University forbids its students from throwing snowballs, a policy that a school official says is due in part to the potential “harm” that snowball fights pose to those on campus.

The rule, outlined in the school’s Division of Student Affairs Student Judicial Handbook, lists “the throwing of snowballs on University grounds” under the “personal violations” category, alongside violations such as “being in the bath/shower areas of the opposite sex” and “making threats of violence or intimidation.”

“This was made a rule due to the students throwing snowballs in the residential halls and there being the potential to harm others with hard, iced-over snow,” Lawan D. Lanier-Smith, assistant director of judicial affairs, told The College Fix via email.

Delaware State University’s public relations department did not respond to requests for comment from The Fix regarding the snowball policy.

Students who violate rules in the Student Code of Conduct at the University of Delaware, will be subject to disciplinary action. Under the Student Judicial System, the types of sanctions that can be imposed on students include, but are not limited to, warnings, official reprimands, community service, fines, and disciplinary probation.

Along with banning snowballs, Delaware State University also forbids the “use [and] possession of water guns, super soakers, etc. on University premises or during University activities.”


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The left has become such insufferable nannies.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to elle. | August 21, 2018 at 8:04 am

    Somewhere, some way, somone, somehow, is enjoying themselves. This must be stopped.

So, I guess they’re resigned to the fact that snow isn’t going away, despite what the AGW hysterics and “the science is settled” types have been telling them.

Interesting that this prohibition comes out in the middle of August.

So, snowflakes can’t throw snowballs. Sounds about right.

Now, someone will get rich off of a video game with VR snowball fights.

re “Delaware State U. Forbids Students from Throwing Snowballs”

With luck the students will someday learn that this headline shows bad English. In English, one says, “Delaware State U. Forbids Students to throw Snowballs.”

It isn’t what you throw, but “how” one throws it. You can’t identify as a guy if you throw like a girl.

My roommate from Miami Beach thought seeing snow for the first time was going to be great. He thought differently after being hit for about the 50th time by those who grew up in the snow culture.

I wonder what the rules are for funnelators, a funnel connected to two bicycle tubes which can put a water balloon into low earth orbit. We in Burton Hall literally owned the front entrance to Langston Hall, just sayin. Kids today just watch Game of Thrones. We were Game of Thrones.