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Christopher Columbus Statue Removed from Pepperdine May Just Disappear

Christopher Columbus Statue Removed from Pepperdine May Just Disappear

“officials remain silent on the statue’s location and fate”

The statue was removed after students protested. Then it was supposed to be moved to its campus in Italy. Now that may not happen.

The College Fix reports:

Pepperdine’s Columbus statue wiped off the map, possibly for good

A Christopher Columbus statue at Pepperdine University torn down after student complaints of racism and oppression was supposed to make a trip across the Atlantic to the Old World, where it would find a new home at the prestigious school’s campus in Florence, Italy.

But it looks like that plan has been sunk.

Today, about 18 months after that decision was made, it does not appear the private, Christian university has followed through on its pledge to give the explorer a new home.

In early 2017, Pepperdine leaders made the decision to remove the statue of Christopher Columbus from its beachside, Malibu campus after a small but vocal group of students demanded its removal…

The university announced that the statue was to be moved from the school’s California campus to its campus in Italy, this despite thousands of signatures demanding the university keep the statue, which was donated in 1992 by a group representing the Columbus 500 Congress.

In his message to students announcing the statue’s relocation, President Andrew Benton said “stories of conquest and the art associated therewith are painful reminders of loss and human tragedy” for many, including those at the university, which is affiliated with the Churches of Christ tradition.

Today, Pepperdine officials remain silent on the statue’s location and fate, despite multiple attempts by The College Fix to confirm its location and whether it has been — or even will be — installed at the school’s Florence location, as promised.


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They rage against Columbus and then invite the progeny of the conquistadors to re-invade California. Makes you wonder if any of those little fascists have spent more than 30 seconds studying US History.