This is happening because of diversity hysteria in higher education.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Christian group kicked off campus for requiring its leaders to be Christian

Another student-led group is suing a university because the school kicked the group off campus for requiring student leaders to agree with their faith tenants. The University of Iowa told InterVarsity Christian Fellowship they weren’t allowed to hold their meetings on campus because they require their members to hold to specific faith standards and kicked them out — in response, InterVarsity sued.

The University of Iowa did the same thing last year with Business Leaders in Christ, or BLinC. This kind of blatant discrimination — one that infringes on religious freedom via the pretense of protecting other kids’ feelings — is happening regularly among secular universities and it needs to stop.

College administrators need to realize that collegiate groups who form and require their members to meet specific standards is hardly discrimination. The University of Iowa appears to be so bent on political correctness they are punishing all kinds of organizations that do this, including the Sikh Awareness Club, the Chinese Student Christian Fellowship, the Imam Mahdi Organization, and the Latter-day Saint Student Association, and banned those groups too. Fraternities and sororities have similar specific standards (unrelated to faith of course), yet they are allowed to continue to meet per usual.