Outrage would probably ensue if anyone even suggested a public debate on this issue.

The Washington Examiner reports:

California moving to mandate abortion pills on campus

If California politicians have their way, soon all of the state’s public universities will be forced to dispense abortion pills to students.

The politicians and the abortion industry that backs their election campaigns insist that turning California’s university student health centers into abortion centers means “progress.” But what it really means is serious problems for both students and the universities, not to mention the destruction of more human lives.

Remember the time when even those who supported abortion could admit that it was such a grave option that it should be “rare?” Now they want to make it as available as Tylenol.

The proponents of California Senate Bill 320 have omitted pertinent facts in an attempt to promote and normalize abortion for young people, and to get the dangerous RU-486 abortion pill onto campus.