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Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Now Requires Diversity Statement from New Hires

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Now Requires Diversity Statement from New Hires

“from candidates for all faculty and staff searches”

Diversity is like a religion in higher education. You shall not question it.

The College Fix reports:

California public university latest to require ‘diversity statement’ for employment

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is rolling out a new policy to “require a diversity statement from candidates for all faculty and staff searches,” becoming the latest university among dozens nationwide that force job-seeking professors to pledge their commitment to equity and inclusion as a condition of employment.

For Cal Poly, requiring the diversity statement is one part of a larger effort school officials are engaged in to “improve diversity” via dozens of various endeavors outlined in its 30-page action plan. As part of the diversity initiatives plan, the university also has a goal of “increasing, in a Proposition 209-compliant manner, the hiring of diverse faculty utilizing cluster hires every other year.”

Critics of required diversity statements have suggested they are a tool used to weed out candidates who do not agree with the leftist notion that identity politics should be the lens through which academics is taught. What’s more, critics contend, seeking to identify and hire underrepresented conservative and libertarian scholars is not the type of “diversity” sought through the statements. Finally, they argue, the statements are used to elevate applicants of color over other qualified candidates.


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This isn’t really news. Many (perhaps most) schools ask candidates about “diversity” and then rate them on “commitment to diversity.” They have been using this criterion to screen out conservative candidates for over 15 years.

Smart conservative candidates will treat this question as an oral litmus test (which it is) and give the questioner the SJW answer. If someone were to answer the question truthfully (“‘Diversity’ is the current euphemism for racial discrimination, and I am opposed to racial discrimination.”), he or she would be swiftly shown the door.

I guess the truthful answer would be “I am committed to making this institution as mediocre as humanly possible.”

Oberlin is the perfect example of what happens when someone with an incomplete tool set is elevated to a position of influence solely based on “look good” criteria.