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Branco Cartoon – Inflation

Branco Cartoon – Inflation


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Spot on. The left hate when the economy does really well at nearly any time, but when a Republican is in charge, using Republican ideas for spurring growth, they do all they can to kill it.

It’s why they want to impeach Trump too. They know it will kill the stock market, and they would blame Trump on their actions.

Hit the nail on the pointy little liberal head perfectly once again. Love your cartoons!

Some Democrat Representative used the increase of the market from the 2008 low to the level at the end of 2016 as all the work of Obama and more than doubled the market. Needless to say it sounds good until you realize that there was nowhere to go but up from the low, that was most of a decade of growth and that some of that increase in the end likely was a result of the election of Trump. Trump’s market increase was about 40% and happened in a bit more than a year.

RIGHT to the point BRANCO, GOOD JOB. Love it again, Thanks

Real GDP, last 10 years

Unemployment, last 10 years

Great again maestro.
Now you need to imagine something other than a suit for the donkeys. Not sure what they should be wearing but definitely not a suit. Pajama’s maybe? They don’t deserve a suit.

Sucks to be a leftist….