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Branco Cartoon – Bull Market

Branco Cartoon – Bull Market

Can’t be beat

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It might have been funnier if they’d been carrying two signs and the second had said ‘Impeach Trump!’

I like the gold “T” hanging from the bull’s neck.

Very subtle, Branco.

Just wait. There will be a veritable tsunami of press coverage when the third quarter GDP growth numbers are out, and the growth is lower than the 4.1% of the second quarter.

This will be proof that Trump’s tariffs and general poopie-headedness are destroying the Obama boom.

    Yep, Trump made a YUUGE mistake taking ownership of the economy. He inherited a couple of massive asset bubbles, much worse than the last one that popped. There is virtually no way we’re going to make it through his term without another massive economic mess, and when that happens the Dims and the media are going to pile on and blame it all on him. Obama’s eight years of QE and insane student loan policies will be memory-holed with Trump left holding the bag.

You could also draw some BS coming out of the Bull and call it socialism.

Another great cartoon. Just one more example of why I am a huge Branco fan!