Could our political media be any more narcissistic? Actually, don’t answer that.

Tuesday night, CNN’s Jim Acosta (the guy who loves to make himself the story) was greeted by attendees at a Trump rally in Tampa, though certainly not in the way he probably hoped.

Rally-goers flipped him the bird, yelled “CNN sucks!” called him a “traitor” in between the chorus of loud boooos.

Which of course, caused many in the left-leaning journospehre to be very concerned about America, and also liken Trump supporters to the KKK.

(Tweets via The Daily Caller)

Marc Caputo who covers Florida politics for Politico was heavy on hilbilly, white trash references, tweeting, “if you put everyone’s mouths together in this video, you’d get a full set of teeth,” and “oh no! I made fun of garbage people jeering at another person as they falsey accused him of lying and flipped him off. Someone fetch a fainting couch.”

Caputo later apologized:

The White House was asked to comment, and said they support free speech and do not condone violence, despite the press pushing for ownership of the rally goer’s actions.

And Professor Jacobson is right as usual:

I’m all for peaceful discourse and finding common ground and probably annoying so.

But there are also things called “natural consequences.” CNN reporter Jim Acosta and other blatantly anti-Trump reporters have made names for themselves (partially by making themselves the story) by openly insulting Trump and his supporters and now get to enjoy the consequences of regularly trashing Real America.

If you sow discord then discord you will reap.

Trump is frequently blamed for coarsening the national discourse, but those who levy the charge always fail to consider the eight years that led to Trump’s election and the Clinton years before that.

After spending close to a decade with a president who told half the country to sit in the back of the bus, never once showed care or appreciation for the country he governed, gave government credit for the hard work of millions of Americans, treated the people’s house like his own personal Hollywood getaway home, worked diligently to weaken America abroad and destroy private sector markets at home,  all while being praised and lauded by the same reporters who can’t control or conceal their hate for Trump, you’re damn right people are ticked.

My dad has a phrase for this — “Popeyed Out” — when you’ve stood all you can stand and you can’t stands no more.

These people are not dangerous people (since that seems to be something the coastal press are misunderstanding) they’re just sick and tired of people who know nothing of their lives, their struggles, or their hearts condescending to and insulting everything they believe in and love. They’re sick and tired of being bullied by the press and treated as if they can’t think for themselves or find their way out of paper bag.

Finally, FINALLY, they have someone in the White House who speaks of their plight, has not forgotten them or why he was elected, and swats back at the media aggressors on their behalf.

And so Dear Media, the world does not revolve around you. May I kindly suggest you sack up and do your damn job. Leave the rest of America to theirs, which by the way, there are gazillions more of, thanks in part to our orange President.


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