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Yale to Defy Trump Administration on Race Based Admissions

Yale to Defy Trump Administration on Race Based Admissions

“Yale seeks to create a vibrant and varied academic community”

The Trump administration recently revoked Obama’s Affirmative Action guidelines but Yale refuses to comply.

The Yale Daily News reports:

Yale to continue using race in admissions, defying Trump guidelines

Despite the Trump administration’s reversal of Obama-era policies encouraging schools to use affirmative action to diversify their student bodies, Yale will continue to use race as a factor in admissions.

On Tuesday, the U.S. departments of Justice and Education announced in a joint letter that they would abandon the policy, arguing that the Obama White House overstepped its constitutional authority in issuing the guidelines. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos — who less than a year ago rescinded the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter, which made recommendations for all American colleges on how to handle reports of sexual misconduct — said in a statement that the Supreme Court has already ruled on the constitutionality of affirmative action policies, and that its decisions should guide schools’ practices.

In a statement to the News, University spokesman Tom Conroy said Yale’s admissions policies have always been in compliance with the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the law.

“Yale seeks to create a vibrant and varied academic community where our students interact with people of different backgrounds and points of view,” Conroy wrote. “Our admissions policies and practices reflect and support this goal.”


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That’s fine, Yale. You have a lot of money sitting in your coffers. It is time to take ALL federal money from the college. Any students going to Yale should not be allowed to use taxpayer money to fund their schooling. Make Yale come up with a few hundred million in alumni bequeathed money. Not one tax dollar from us to fee $ up for students going to schools that follow the ‘guidance’ of Uncle Sugar.

Who do they think they’re kidding… “What Group Do You Identify With?”…

I told you this would happen.

Understand, it wasn’t Obama who instituted this policy on his own. He was almost surely prompted to it by the university SJW groups themselves. It was a giant power grab on campus.

The Mob doesn’t stop breaking the law just because one of their operations gets shut down, and neither will the professional SJWs shut down their racist shakedown machine just because the federal government asked them to.

This boneheaded move by Yale is akin to German troops continuing to fight in the ruins of Stalingrad for weeks after the official surrender: a “brave,” but utterly stupid and futile gesture.

Yale has deep pockets: it’s going to need them when it loses the lawsuits that roll in as a result of its breathtaking exercise in obtuse idiocy.

As a Yale graduate, this University continues to embarrass.

Just because the fedgov has stopped forcing colleges to do something doesn’t mean they have to stop doing it. It just means they have the choice.

Their odds of losing in court are no different now than they were while the DOE advice was in effect. If the courts decide it was illegal, “the government told us to” would not be a defense.